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    • Demonstration of Fine-Pitch High-Resolution X-ray Transition-Edge Sensor Microcalorimeters Optimized for Energies below 1 keV 

      Sakai, K.; Adams, J. S.; Bandler, S. R.; Beaumont, S.; Chervenak, J. A.; Datesman, A. M.; Finkbeiner, F. M.; Kelley, R. L.; Kilbourne, C. A.; Miniussi, A. R.; Porter, F. S.; Sadleir, J. E.; Smith, S. J.; Wakeham, N. A.; Wassell, E. J.; Jaeckel, F. T.; McCammon, D.; Eckart, M. E.; Ryu, K. (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2020-03-07)
      In this paper, we report on X-ray transition-edge sensor (TES) microcalorimeters optimized to have the best possible energy resolution for a limited energy range for the incoming X-rays, such as an energy resolution of 0.3 ...