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    • Extending Science from Lunar Laser Ranging 

      Viswanathan, Vishnu; Mazarico, Erwan; Merkowitz, Stephen; Williams, James G.; Turyshev, Slava G.; Currie, Douglas G.; Ermakov, Anton I.; Rambaux, Nicolas; Fienga, Agnès; Courde, Clément; Chabé, Julien; Torre, Jean-Marie; Bourgoin, Adrien; Schreiber, Ulrich; Eubanks, Thomas M.; Wu, Chensheng; Dequal, Daniele; Agnello, Simone Dell; Biskupek, Liliane; Müller, Jürgen; Kopeikin, Sergei (2020-08-21)
      The Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) experiment has accumulated 50 years of range data of improving accuracy from ground stations to the laser retroreflector arrays (LRAs) on the lunar surface. The upcoming decade offers several ...