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    • TANAMI - Multiwavelength and Multimessenger Observations of Active Galaxies 

      Kadler, M.; Ojha, R.; TANAMI Collaboration (2015-07-08)
      Extragalactic jets launched from the immediate vicinity of supermassive black holes in radio-loud active galactic nuclei (AGN) are key objects in modern astronomy and astroparticle physics. AGN jets carry a fraction of the ...
    • TANAMI counterparts to IceCube high-energy neutrino events 

      Krauß, Felicia; Wang, Bingjie; Baxter, Claire; Kadler, Matthias; Mannheim, Karl; Ojha, Roopesh; Gräfe, Christina; Muller, Cornelia; Wilms, Joern; Carpenter, Bryce; Schulz, Robert; TANAMI Collaboration; Fermi-LAT Collaboration (arXiv, 2015-02-10)
      Since the discovery of a neutrino flux in excess of the atmospheric background by the IceCube Collaboration, searches for the astrophysical sources have been ongoing. Due to the steeply falling background towards higher ...