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    • The MURALES survey. II. Presentation of the observations and first results 

      Balmaverde, Barbara; Capetti, Alessandro; Marconi, Alessandro; Venturi, Giacomo; Chiaberge, M.; Baldi, R.D.; Baum, S.; Gilli, R.; Grandi, P.; Meyer, E.; Miley, G.; O'Dea, C.; Sparks, W.; Torresi, E.; Tremblay, G. (2019-03-27)
      We present observations of a complete sub sample of 20 radio galaxies from the Third Cambridge Catalog (3C) with redshift <0.3 obtained from VLT/MUSE optical integral field spectroscoph. These data have been obtained as ...
    • Variability and Proper Motion of X-ray Knots in the Jet of Centaurus A 

      Snios, Bradford; Wykes, Sarka; Nulsen, Paul E. J.; Kraft, Ralph P.; Meyer, Eileen T.; Birkinshaw, Mark; Worrall, Diana M.; Hardcastle, Martin J.; Roediger, Elke; Forman, William R.; Jones, Christine (2019-01-22)
      We report results from Chandra observations analyzed for evidence of variability and proper motion in the X-ray jet of Centaurus A. Using data spanning 15 years, collective proper motion of 11.3±3.3 mas yr We report results ...