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    • An approach for determining relative input parameter importance and significance in artificial neural networks 

      Kemp, Stanley J.; Zaradic, Patricia A.; Hansen, Frank (Elsevier, 2007)
      Artificial neural network (ANN) models are powerful statistical tools which are increasingly used in modeling complex ecological systems. For interpretation of ANN models, a means of evaluating how systemic parameters ...
    • Phylogeny, Regression, and the Allometry of Physiological Traits 

      O'Connor, Michael P.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hansen, Frank; Kemp, Stanley J.; Sieg, Annette E.; McNair, James N.; Dunham, Arthur E. (Essex Institute, 2007)
      Physiological and ecological allometries often pose linear regression problems characterized by (1) noncausal, phylogenetically autocorrelated independent (x) and dependent (y) variables (characters); (2) random variation ...
    • Reconsidering the mechanistic basis of metabolic theory of ecology 

      O'Connor, Michael P.; Kemp, Stanley J.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hansen, Frank; Sieg, Annette E.; Wallace, Bryan P.; McNair, James N.; Dunham, Arthur E. (2007)
      The recently proposed metabolic theory of ecology (MTE) claims to provide a mechanistic explanation for long known allometric relationships between mass and metabolic rate. The MTE postulates that these patterns of allometry ...