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    • Co-Designing an e-Health Tutorial for Older Adults 

      Xie, Bo; Yeh, Tom; Walsh, Greg; Watkins, Ivan; Huang, Man (iConference 2012, 2012-02)
      Older adults’ ability to access and use electronic health information is generally low, requiring innovative approaches for improvement. An integrated e-tutorial overlays instructions onto Websites. The literature suggests ...
    • Co‐designing Contextual Tutorials for Older Adults on Searching Health Information on the Internet 

      Xie, Bo; Yeh, Tom; Walsh, Greg; Watkins, Ivan; Huang, Man (Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 2011-01)
      Evidence in the literature suggests an integrated e-tutorial is more effective than a paper- or video-based tutorial among younger people. Yet, relatively little is known about the effectiveness of an integrated e-tutorial ...
    • Creating Contextual Help for GUIs Using Screenshots 

      Yeh, Tom; Chang, Tsung-Hsiang; Xie, Bo; Walsh, Greg; Watkins, Ivan; Wongsuphasawat, Krist; Huang, Man; Davis, Larry S.; Bederson, Ben (24th Annual ACM Symposium, 2011-10)
      Contextual help is effective for learning how to use GUIs by showing instructions and highlights on the actual inter- face rather than in a separate viewer. However, end-users and third-party tech support typically cannot ...