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    • Anticipating the benefits of proposed information systems 

      Lederer, Albert L; Mirani, Rajesh (Springer, 1995)
      The assessment of the anticipated benefits of new information systems (IS) is important to IS planning. A study of the anticipated benefits of 178 projects as seen by IS managers and analysts revealed nine benefit factors. ...
    • Information System Cost Estimating: A Management Perspective 

      Lederer, Albert L; Mirani, Rajesh; Neo, Boon Siong; Pollard, Carol E; Prasad, Jayesh; Ramamurthy, K (Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1990)
      Information systems cost estimating is an important management concern. An estimate helps to cost justify individual proposals, to schedule their development, to staff them, to control and monitor their progress, and to ...
    • An Instrument for Assessing the Organizational Benefits of IS Projects 

      Mirani, Rajesh; Lederer, Albert L (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998)
      This paper reports the development of an instrument to measure the organizational benefits of IS projects. The basis for this instrument was a published framework that suggests three categories of such benefits: strategic, ...

      Mirani, Rajesh; Lederer, Albert L (Idea Group, 1993)