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    • The ethics of data collection and analysis 

      Mark, Melvin M.; Eyssell, Kristen M.; Campbell, Bernadette (2004)
      This chapter focuses on ethical issues that can arise in the collection and analysis of data in evaluations. We move beyond common ethical issues in data collection and analysis, such as informed consent and coercion, to ...
    • "I couldn't have seen it coming": The impact of negative self-relevant outcomes on retrospections about foreseeability 

      Mark, Melvin M.; Boburka, Renee Reiter; Eyssell, Kristen M.; Cohen, Laurie L.; Mellor, Steven (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2003)
      We examined a phenomenon related to hindsight bias, specifically, retrospective judgements about the foreseeability of an outcome. We predicted that negative, self-relevant outcomes would be judged as less foreseeable by ...