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    • Phylogeny, Regression, and the Allometry of Physiological Traits 

      O'Connor, Michael P.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hansen, Frank; Kemp, Stanley J.; Sieg, Annette E.; McNair, James N.; Dunham, Arthur E. (Essex Institute, 2007)
      Physiological and ecological allometries often pose linear regression problems characterized by (1) noncausal, phylogenetically autocorrelated independent (x) and dependent (y) variables (characters); (2) random variation ...
    • Reconsidering the mechanistic basis of metabolic theory of ecology 

      O'Connor, Michael P.; Kemp, Stanley J.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Hansen, Frank; Sieg, Annette E.; Wallace, Bryan P.; McNair, James N.; Dunham, Arthur E. (2007)
      The recently proposed metabolic theory of ecology (MTE) claims to provide a mechanistic explanation for long known allometric relationships between mass and metabolic rate. The MTE postulates that these patterns of allometry ...
    • Thermal Ecology of Desert Tortoises in the Eastern Mojave Desert: Seasonal Patterns of Operative and Body Temperatures, and Microhabitat Utilization 

      Zimmerman, Linda C.; O'Connor, Michael P.; Bulova, Susan J.; Spotila, James R.; Kemp, Stanley J.; Salice, Christopher J. (Allen Press, 1994)
      We monitored meteorological variables, daily and seasonal patterns of body temperature, corresponding operative temperatures, and microhabitat utilization by desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) during the 1991 and 1992 ...