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    • Abstracting Evidence: Documentary Process in the Service of Fictional Gameworlds 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2017-07)
      Documentary filmmaking and the design of videogames have often converged in the form of “docugames”, games that aspire to the form of documentary. This paper looks at a related strategy for creating content and gameplay: ...
    • After 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2010)
      This is a videogame about finding and then placing a loved one in the afterlife.  The goal is to simulate an agnostic encounter with one's own belief system when dealing with death.  The game begins with the death of a ...
    • The Mischief of Created Things 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2007-05)
    • The Mischief of Created Things 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus, 2009-04)
      The purpose of this project is to create new images of West Africa, through an interactive environmental narrative informed by philosophies of game design. The content draws on my two years as a development worker in Mali. ...
    • Neviditelné krajinářství 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (A2, 2013)
      V současné rodině herních mechanismů se vedle tradičních videoher stále výrazněji prosazuje okrajová oblast audioher, tedy systémů, jejichž výhradním či dominantním elementem je zvuk. Patří sem hudební hry pracující s ...
    • Pieces of Jonestown 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple, 2010-10)
    • Simulating religious faith 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (Intellect Limited, 2011)
      This article surveys various differing approaches to religious simulation in gaming and interactive art, and reports on the design of a specific faith-based game from the designer’s perspective. It looks in-depth at one ...
    • Sonic Mechanics: Audio as Gameplay 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (Game Studies, 2013-09)
      This paper will discuss the past and potential future intersections between game design and theories within contemporary sound art. It will look at methods for broadening the ways in which videogames engage with the world ...
    • Towa Towa 

      Oldenburg, Aaron (2012)