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    • Designing a Novice Programming Environment with Children 

      Tarkan, Sureyya; Sazawal, Vibha; Druin, Allison; Foss, Elizabeth; Golub, Evan; Hatley, Leshell; Khatri, Tejas; Massey, Sheri; Walsh, Greg; Torres, Germana (2009)
      When children learn how to program, they gain problem- solving skills useful to them all throughout life. How can we attract more children in K-8 to learn about program- ming and be excited about it? To answer this question, ...
    • Toque: Designing a Cooking-based Programming Language for and With Children 

      Tarkan, Sureyya; Sazawal, Vibha; Druin, Allison; Golub, Evan; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Walsh, Greg; Leong, Zeina (28th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2010-01)
      An intergenerational design team of children (ages 7-11 years old) along with graduate students and faculty in computer science and information studies developed a programming language for children, Toque. Concrete real- ...