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    • Hash Functions for GPU Rendering 

      Jarzynski, Mark; Olano, Marc
      In many graphics applications, a deterministic random hash provides the best source of random numbers. We evaluate a range of existing hash functions for random number quality using the TestU01 test suite, and GPU execution ...
    • NONUMENT01::McKeldin Fountain 

      Moren, Lisa; Tomsic, Neja; Baraga, Martin; Mayhew, Jaimes (ACMSIGGRAPH, 2018)
      “NONUMENT 01:: McKeldin Fountain” is Baltimore’s virtual monument located in the Inner Harbor and free speech zone. In opposition to bronze and stone, the nonument or “no monument” recreates the destroyed Brutalist-style ...
    • Visualizing Early Baltimore 

      Bailey, Dan; Kummerow, Burt (2016)
      September 13, 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of the major British attack on Baltimore. What was so important about Baltimore two hundred years ago? Over a few decades in the early nineteenth century, Baltimore's population ...