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    • Going Beyond Standard Ocean Color Observations: Lidar and Polarimetry 

      Jamet, Cédric; Ibrahim, Amir; Ahmad, Ziauddin; Angelini, Federico; Babin, Marcel; Behrenfeld, Michael J.; Boss, Emmanuel; Cairns, Brian; Churnside, James; Chowdhary, Jacek; Davis, Anthony B.; Dionisi, Davide; Duforêt-Gaurier, Lucile; Franz, Bryan; Frouin, Robert; Gao, Meng; Gray, Deric; Hasekamp, Otto; He, Xianqiang; Hostetler, Chris; Kalashnikova, Olga V.; Knobelspiesse, Kirk; Lacour, Léo; Loisel, Hubert; Martins, Vanderlei; Rehm, Eric; Remer, Lorraine; Sanhaj, Idriss; Stamnes, Knut; Stamnes, Snorre; Victori, Stéphane; Werdel, Jeremy; Zhai, Peng-Wang (2019-05-21)
      Passive ocean color images have provided a sustained synoptic view of the distribution of ocean optical properties and color and biogeochemical parameters for the past 20-plus years. These images have revolutionized our ...