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    • Urban soil carbon and nitrogen converge at a continental scale 

      Trammell, Tara L. E.; Pataki, Diane E.; Pouyat, Richard V.; Groffman, Peter M.; Rosier, Carl; Bettez, Neil; Cavender‐Bares, Jeannine; Grove, Morgan J.; Hall, Sharon J.; Heffernan, James; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Morse, Jennifer L.; Neill, Christopher; Steele, Meredith (Ecological Society of America (ESA), 2019-12-30)
      In urban areas, anthropogenic drivers of ecosystem structure and function are thought to predominate over larger‐scale biophysical drivers. Residential yards are influenced by individual homeowner preferences and actions, ...
    • Use of a Three-Dimensional Reactive Solute Transport Model for Evaluation of Bioreactor Placement in Stream Restoration 

      Cui, Zhengtao; Welty, Claire; Gold, Arthur J.; Groffman, Peter M.; Kaushal, Sujay S.; Miller, Andrew J. (Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies, 2016-03-21)
      A three-dimensional groundwater flow and multispecies reactive transport model was used to strategically design placement of bioreactors in the subsurface to achieve maximum removal of nitrate along restored stream reaches. ...