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    • Impacts of Development Pattern on Urban Groundwater Flow Regime 

      Barnes, Michael L..; Welty, Claire; Miller, Andrew J. (American Geophysical Unioon, 2018)
      We compare the effects of urban development type and spatial pattern on the hydrology of six small headwater catchments near Baltimore, Maryland utilizing a three-dimensional coupled groundwater-surface water-land atmosphere ...
    • Untangling the effects of urban development on subsurface storage in Baltimore 

      Bhaskar, Aditi S.; Welty, Claire; Maxwell, Reed M.; Miller, Andrew J. (Wiley, 2015-01-12)
      The impact of urban development on surface flow has been studied extensively over the last half century, but effects on groundwater systems are still poorly understood. Previous studies of the influence of urban development ...
    • Use of a Three-Dimensional Reactive Solute Transport Model for Evaluation of Bioreactor Placement in Stream Restoration 

      Cui, Zhengtao; Welty, Claire; Gold, Arthur J.; Groffman, Peter M.; Kaushal, Sujay S.; Miller, Andrew J. (Alliance of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Societies, 2016-03-21)
      A three-dimensional groundwater flow and multispecies reactive transport model was used to strategically design placement of bioreactors in the subsurface to achieve maximum removal of nitrate along restored stream reaches. ...