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    • A radio, optical, UV and X-ray view of the enigmatic changing look Active Galactic Nucleus 1ES~1927+654 from its pre- to post-flare states 

      Laha, Sibasish; Meyer, Eileen; Roychowdhury, Agniva; Becerra, Josefa G.; Acosta-Pulido, J. A.; Thapa, Aditya; Ghosh, Ritesh; Behar, Ehud; Gallo, Luigi C.; Kriss, Gerard A.; Panessa, Francesca; Bianchi, Stefano; La Franca, Fabio; Scepi, Nicolas; Begelman, Mitchell C.; Longinotti, Anna Lia; Lusso, Elisabeta; Oates, Samantha; Nicholl, Matt; Cenko, S. Bradley (2022-03-16)
      The nearby type-II AGN 1ES1927+654 went through a violent changing-look (CL) event beginning December 2017 during which the optical and UV fluxes increased by four magnitudes over a few months, and broad emission lines ...