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    • Changing With the World 

      Krist, Autumn (2023-02-24)
      While growth and change aren't the same thing, they are oftentimes hand in hand. For me and this collection, growth and change go hand in hand. This book collection started in about 2021 when I took a medical leave of ...
    • The Secrets to My Nancy Drew Collection 

      Firestein, Joan (2023-02-24)
      I love Nancy Drew. Ever since I was in third grade and read The Mystery at Lilac Inn and The Hidden Staircase I have been hooked. Besides reading at least one book from almost every Nancy Drew series, I have seen every ...
    • My Father's House 

      Finnigan, Reese (2023-02)
      The house I was raised in guided my interests. It’s thanks to my parents that I have a collection of books on rock and roll.
    • The orchard and the street: the political mirror of the tragic in Julius Caesar and Coriolanus 

      Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (College Language Association (U.S.), 1983)
      [From article]: It is perhaps no coincidence that in Julius Caesar and Coriolanus Shakespeare demonstrates his most “Roman” virtues: political concern, sobriety of language, tonal reserve, dignity of mood, spare and ...
    • A small street resdesign project promises big dividends 

      Dasgupta, Sunil (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-02-08)
      Georgia Avenue in the southeastern end of Montgomery County, Maryland, is looking at a redesign of its streetscape to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists and to bring the communities separated by the Capital ...
    • Choosing Your Advocacy Style 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Schoenbaum, Miriam; Adelson, Bruce (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-02-19)
      In this episode, Sunil Dasgupta explores two contrasting styles of local government advocacy with pedestrian safety activist Miriam Schoenbaum and former Winston Churchill High School President Bruce Adelson.
    • What White's Ferry debacle says about the Purple Line 

      Dasgupta, Sunil (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-02-26)
      In this episode, we connect lessons from the stoppage of White's Ferry to public-private partnerships including the Purple Line light rail project in suburban Maryland, the largest public-private transit partnership in the ...
    • Why the Name? Promo with Casey Anderson, MoCo Planning Board Chair 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Anderson, Casey (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-03-02)
    • The Political Economy of Suburban Housing Shortage 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Anderson, Casey; Saundry, Andrew (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-03-05)
      Like many other growing jurisdictions, Montgomery County, Maryland, has a housing shortage and a housing mismatch on its hands that are rooted in exclusive single-family zoning going back decades. Sunil Dasgupta talks to ...
    • Vaccine Equity Needs More than Supply 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Taylor, Becky; Aguilar, Tanya (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-03-12)
      Montgomery County, MD, teachers Becky Taylor and Tanya Aguilar share lessons from Covid vaccine hunting for people unable to find appointments on their own. They find that pre-existing disparities in public health and ...
    • Why is it So Hard to Remove Police from Schools 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Payne, Lauren; Singhal, Neha; Saundry, Andrew (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-05-19)
      Montgomery County, MD, removes police officers from public schools. Student activist Lauren Payne and teacher Neha Singhal talk with Sunil Dasgupta about the movement for social and racial justice in the county. Andrew ...
    • Forging the Asian-American Political Identity 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Ong, Aryani (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-03-23)
      Following the mass shooting of six women of Asian descent outside Atlanta, Sunil Dasgupta talks to civil rights attorney and Asian-American activist Aryani Ong about the making of the Asian-American political identity and ...
    • The Muddy Lines of Education Accountability 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Morrow, Lori (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-04-02)
      Sunil Dasgupta talks with Lori Morrow, of the Maryland State Board of Education, about a particularly tough year for education including on the question of closing and reopening schools. The discussion turns to reveal ...
    • Who Do Neighborhood Associations Serve? 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Reed, Dan; Saundry, Andrew (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-04-09)
      In this episode, Sunil Dasgupta talks with urban planner, blogger, and community activist Dan Reed about the role, evolution, and character of neighborhood associations, HOAs, and PTAs. In the Upcounty Report, Andrew Saundry ...
    • The Moral Standoff between Conservation and Climate Action 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Riemer, Hans; Saundry, Andrew; Roberts, Will (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-04-16)
      Earth Day 2021 episode. Sunil Dasgupta talks to Montgomery County, MD, Council Member Hans Riemer about the failure of his proposal to change zoning rules to allow ground-based solar panels in the protected agricultural ...
    • Maryland Legislators Step Out Ahead on Police Reforms 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Acevero, Gabriel (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-04-23)
      Sunil Dasgupta talks to Maryland State House Delegate Gabriel Acevero, one of the leaders of the police reform and accountability movement, about new public safety legislation passed by the state that creates a new standard ...
    • The Politics of Public Art and Culture 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Ashman, Jud (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-04-30)
      Sunil Dasgupta talks to Gaithersburg Mayor and Book Festival Founder Jud Ashman about suburban Washington's only--and publicly-supported--book event which starts May 1 and a deep dive into the controversy over the design ...
    • Budgeting! Redistricting! Exciting! 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Meyers, Roy; Stein, David (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-05-07)
      Sunil Dasgupta talks with UMBC budget expert Roy Meyers as Maryland and its counties find their coffers surprisingly full from unexpectedly strong tax revenues and federal pandemic recovery funds. Montgomery Blair High ...
    • Is Bethesda Magazine a Local Media Unicorn? 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Hull, Steve; Saundry, Andrew (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-05-14)
      Local media giant Bethesda Magazine (and accompanying Bethesda Beat) was sold to new owners in April 2021. Sunil Dasgupta talks to founder, editor, and publisher Steve Hull about the challenges of building a commercially ...
    • Expanding the Safety Net: COVID Food Distribution 

      Dasgupta, Sunil; Carlo, Jackie De; Alvarenga, Oscar; Saundry, Andrew (I Hate Politics Podcast, 2021-05-21)
      In this episode, Sunil Dasgupta talks with Jackie De Carlo, president of Manna Food Center; Oscar Alvarenga of Epworth United Methodist Church of Gaithersburg; and I Hate Politics Upcounty Reporter Andrew Saundry about ...