The Center for Advanced Studies in Photonics Research (CASPR) fosters advanced photonics research and technology development in the areas of optical communications, optical sensing and devices, nanophotonics, biophotonics, and quantum optics in order to benefit government, industry and scientific progress.

Recent Submissions

  • Rapid recombinant protein expression in cell-free extracts from human blood 

    Burgenson, David; Gurramkonda, Chandrasekhar; Pilli, Manohar; Ge, Xudong; Andar, Abhay; Kostov, Yordan; Tolosa, Leah; Rao, Govind (Nature, 2018-06-22)
    Several groups have recently reported on the utility of cell-free expression systems to make therapeutic proteins, most of them employing CHO or E. coli cell-free extracts. Here, we propose an alternative that uses human ...
  • Efficiently Modeling the Noise Performance of Short-Pulse Lasers with a Computational Implementation of Dynamical Methods 

    Wang, Shaokang; Carruthers, Thomas F.; Menyuk, Curtis R.
    Lowering the noise level of short pulse lasers has been a long-standing effort for decades. Modeling the noise performance plays a crucial role in isolating the noise sources and reducing them. Modeling to date has either ...
  • Stability of cnoidal wave frequency combs in microresonators 

    Qi, Zhen; Wang, Shaokang; Jaramillo-Villegas, Jose A.; Qi, Minghao; Weiner, Andrew M.; D’Aguanno, Giuseppe; Menyuk, Curtis R. (OSA Publishing, 2018)
    We determine the regions in the parameter space of microresonators where cnoidal waves (Turing rolls) are stable. Solitons are included as a special limit. We identify conditions to efficiently obtain broadband frequency combs.