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MD-SOAR is a shared digital repository platform for eleven colleges and universities in Maryland. It currently is funded entirely by the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Library Consortium ( but also includes other collaborating partner institutions. MD-SOAR is jointly governed by all participating libraries, who have agreed to share policies and practices that are necessary and appropriate for the shared platform. Within this broad framework, each library provides customized repository services and collections that meet local institutional needs. Please follow the links below to learn more about each library's repository services and collections.

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Recently Added

  • A Forgotten Heritage: Arias and Scenes from Earlier American Operas 

    Ziegel, Aaron Dr. (2015-02-28)
    This selection of recordings presents six arias and scenes excerpted from Romantic-era American operas performed by Towson University’s “Music for the Stage” ensemble as part of a scholarly symposium entitled “Composing ...
  • When Two Heads Aren’t Better Than One: Conformity in a Group Activity 

    Fender, C. Melissa; Stickney, Lisa T. (Management Teaching Review, 2017)
    Group and team class decision-making activities often focus on demonstrating that “two heads are better than one.” Typically, students solve a problem or complete an assessment individually, then in a group. Generally, ...
  • 8-Bit Goes to the Movies 

    Meikle, Kyle (Wide Screen, 2016-09)
    Since 2013, the YouTube channel Cinefix has offered its followers near-monthly installments of 8-Bit Cinema, a series of short videos in which blockbuster movies like Titanic and Frozen are reimagined as old school videogames. ...
  • The Importance of Social Position in E-Learning 

    Ketel, Mohammed; Fishpaw, Christopher (2014 SouthEast Regional Conference, 2014-03)
    The growth and popularity of online social networks has created new ways of collaboration and communication. College/university students worldwide are particularly enthusiastic users— the vast majority are engaging on a ...
  • Developing a Forensics Tool for Social Media 

    Ketel, Mohammed; Casser, Theodore (2014 SouthEast Regional Conference, 2014-03)
    Millions of users around the world utilize social media sites on any given day, spreading information about their activities, whereabouts and thoughts to friends and interested readers. These same messages can be used to ...

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