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MD-SOAR is a shared digital repository platform for eleven colleges and universities in Maryland. It is currently funded by the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) Library Consortium ( and other participating partner institutions. MD-SOAR is jointly governed by all participating libraries, who have agreed to share policies and practices that are necessary and appropriate for the shared platform. Within this broad framework, each library provides customized repository services and collections that meet local institutional needs. Please follow the links below to learn more about each library's repository services and collections.

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  • Role of Spatial Context in Adversarial Robustness for Object Detection 

    Saha, Aniruddha; Subramanya, Akshayvarun; Patil, Koninika; Pirsiavash, Hamed
    The benefits of utilizing spatial context in fast object detection algorithms have been studied extensively. Detectors increase inference speed by doing a single forward pass per image which means they implicitly use ...
  • A new laser-based and ultra-portable gas sensor for indoor and outdoor formaldehyde (HCHO) monitoring 

    Shutter, Joshua D.; Allen, Norton T.; Hanisco, Thomas F.; Wolfe, Glenn M.; St. Clair, Jason M.; Keutsch, Frank N. (Copernicus Publications, 2019-11-22)
    n this work, a new commercially available, laser-based, and ultra-portable formaldehyde (HCHO) gas sensor is characterized, and its usefulness for monitoring HCHO mixing ratios in both indoor and outdoor environments is ...
  • Towards a satellite formaldehyde – in situ hybrid estimate for organic aerosol abundance 

    Liao, Jin; Hanisco, Thomas F.; Wolfe, Glenn M.; St. Clair, Jason; Jimenez, Jose L.; Campuzano-Jost, Pedro; Nault, Benjamin A.; Fried, Alan; Marais, Eloise A.; Abad, Gonzalo González; Chance, Kelly; Jethva, Hiren T.; Ryerson, Thomas B.; Warneke, Carsten; Wisthaler, Armin (Copernicus Publications, 2019-03-04)
    Organic aerosol (OA) is one of the main components of the global particulate burden and intimately links natural and anthropogenic emissions with air quality and climate. It is challenging to accurately represent OA in ...
  • Production of peroxy nitrates in boreal biomass burning plumes over Canada during the BORTAS campaign 

    Busilacchio, Marcella; Carlo, Piero Di; Aruffo, Eleonora; Biancofiore, Fabio; Salisburgo, Cesare Dari; Giammaria, Franco; Bauguitte, Stephane; Lee, James; Moller, Sarah; Hopkins, James; Punjabi, Shalini; Andrews, Stephen; Lewis, Alistair C.; Parrington, Mark; Palmer, Paul I.; Hyer, Edward; Wolfe, Glenn M. (Copernicus Publications, 2016-03-17)
    The observations collected during the BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellites (BORTAS) campaign in summer 2011 over Canada are analysed to study the impact of forest ...
  • Universal Litmus Patterns: Revealing Backdoor Attacks in CNNs 

    Kolouri, Soheil; Saha, Aniruddha; Pirsiavash, Hamed; Hoffmann, Heiko
    The unprecedented success of deep neural networks in many applications has made these networks a prime target for adversarial exploitation. In this paper, we introduce a benchmark technique for detecting backdoor attacks ...

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