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  • Symbolic landscaping: Housman's Bredon hill 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Housman Society, 1982)
    [From article]: Structured by a series of juxtaposed images, A.E. Housman’s Bredon Hill articulates in a tautly symbolic way some of the elemental themes of A Shropshire Lad (1896), the book of poems in which it appears.
  • Inspiring humanity through truth: rescue and resistance archived by the Holocaust Museum LA 

    Gies McLaughlin, Gretchen (2022)
    The Holocaust Museum LA (HMLA) was founded in 1961 by Holocaust survivors and is the oldest survivor-founded Holocaust museum in the United States. HMLA’s mission is “to commemorate those who perished, honor those who ...
  • Main lines of criticism of Fielding's Tom Jones, 1900-1978 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Anglo-American Associates, 1980)
    Except when questions of its morality got in the way of dispassionate criticism, as they did for Richardson, Johnson, and Hawkins, Tom Jones has continually been recognized as a masterpiece of design. As early as 1834 such ...
  • Broadsides on the Thames: the social context of The rape of the lock, II, 47-52 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Walter de Gruyter & Co., 1986)
    [From article]: As Reuben Brower has shown, allusion in Pope is a resource equivalent to metaphor and imagery in other poets1 1 R. A. Brower, Alexander Pope: The Poetry of Allusion (Oxford, 1959). . Yet it is not merely ...
  • Main lines of criticism of Fielding's Joseph Andrews, 1925-1978 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Anglo-American Associates, 1981)
    [From article]: Unlike the inferences of a vicious Fielding that the critics draw from Shamela or a gloomy Fielding from Jonathan Wild, those from Joseph Andrews uniformly depict him as a cheerful man highly conscious of ...
  • Tarsicius: a hagiographical allusion in Joyce's "Araby" 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, 1991)
    [From article]: In his story "Araby" Joyce alludes to a Roman martyr both to designate a comic touch by the narrator and to deepen the themes of disillusionment and deflated romanticism. This purposefully melodramatic ...
  • Pricing water's true cost 

    Tan, Katherine
    [From paper]: Recently, a California panel rejected a proposal for a USD 1.4 billion desalination plant to convert ocean water into drinking water. The developer had hoped the plant would address the state’s megadrought ...
  • An analysis on the United States' approach to resolving statelessness 

    Painter, Taryn (2021-05)
    [From Introduction:] Experts on statelessness emphasize that if the goals of the #IBelong are to be reached by 2024, drastic changes will have to be enacted by key international players. The United States, a global power ...
  • The Progress of Patriotism and Biography: The Battle of Trafalgar in Southey's The Life of Nelson 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (United States Air Force Academy. Department of English and Fine Arts, 1997)
    [From article]: "Every poet," said Ovid, "bears the burden of Homer" (I.i). And every biographer faces the problems and looks to the standard of Plutarch. But the biographer of a contemporary bears the burden of his times ...
  • Intentional failure and Rhianna's tattoo as pedagogy 

    Sinnott, Bria (Elsevier, 2022-07-05)
    Academic teaching librarians are often classroom visitors, with limited time to build relationships with students and teach them something useful. To maximize impact, librarians commonly deploy a canned search to demonstrate ...
  • Steele's "Curs" and Fielding's Hounds 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Oxford University Press, 1979-12)
    A discussion of the source of the names for the squire's dogs in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews.
  • Can a Gentleman Rage?: Ben Franklin on the Curve of Satire 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Central Piedmont Community College (Charlotte, N.C.), 2011)
    [From article]: It was the Golden Age of satire, the eighteenth century in England, and Swift, Pope, Gay, Addison and Steele, Fielding, and Jane Austen were the gold standard. Never has a country before or since produced ...
  • The rationalization of craft beer from medieval monks to modern microbrewers: A Weberian analysis 

    Elliott, Michael A. (West Virginia University Press, 2017)
    [From chapter Introduction]: In this chapter, I explore how the production of craft beer is thoroughly rationalized and involves a surprising amount of technical expertise and scientific standardization that have become ...
  • The Tone in the Tune: An Echo of Burns in Hardy's "The Darkling Thrush" 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2017)
    [From article:] The most anthologized of Thomas Hardy's poems, "The Darkling Thrush," is also a site of contesting themes of skepticism, agnosticism, denial, and regret [...] Yet there is a chorus of agreement about the ...
  • War in British Romantic Literary Scholarship 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (University of Chicago. Press. Journals Division, 2017-11)
    [From article] But for almost a century since Henry Beers’s History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century (New York, 1899), the mainlines of literary scholarship, criticism, and popular thought have viewed the ...
  • Monastic asceticism and the rationalization of beer-making in the Middle Ages 

    Elliott, Michael A. (Association Villard de Honnecourt for Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science and Art, 2011)
    [From Introduction] [...] what appears to be unique about the relation-ship between the Church and beer is both the scale and skill that were applied to its production by monks in the Middle Ages. As Unger (2004, 26) ...
  • Fandom as religion: a social-scientific assessment 

    Elliott, Michael A. (Intellect (Firm), 2021-06)
    My objective in this article is to outline both a conceptual and a methodological reframing of the ‘fandom as religion’ comparison from a social-scientific perspective. This comparison is familiar territory by now. It has ...
  • The globalization of comic-con and the sacralization of popular culture 

    Elliott, Michael A. (Palgrave Macmillan (Firm), 2018)
    In 1970, the Golden State Comic-Con was held in San Diego, California, with about 300 people in attendance. At the time, it was a relatively small convention of writers, artists and enthusiasts of comic books as well as ...
  • The inherent violence of queer love (as told with deconstructuralism within queer theory) 

    Sciannella, Eddie (2022-05)
    [From paper]: The poem “You Are Jeff” by Richard Siken is a non-linear, multi-paragraph, highly metaphorical piece that depicts a deeply unsettling ideal of love in the eyes of the narrator. There is a character, Jeff – ...
  • Evaluating the Consistency and Quality of Search Strategies and Methodology in Cochrane Urology Group Systematic Reviews 

    Lyon, Jennifer; Price, Carrie; Saragossi, Jamie; Tran, Clara (2018)
    Introduction: Systematic reviews (SRs) are the foundation of evidence-based medicine. As essential tools for synthesizing and evaluating evidence, they guide informed decision-making for clinicians and other stakeholders. ...

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