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  • Information scrambling vs. decoherence -- two competing sinks for entropy 

    Touil, Akram; Deffner, Sebastian (2020-08-12)
    A possible solution of the information paradox can be sought in quantum information scrambling. In this paradigm, it is postulated that all information entering a black hole is rapidly and chaotically distributed across ...
  • Transforming informal work and livelihoods in Costa Rica and Nicaragua 

    Alaniz, Enrique; Gindling, T.H.; Mata, Catherine; Rojas, Diego (UNU-WIDER, 2020-08)
    We divide workers into six work statuses: formal self-employed, upper-tier informal self-employed, lower-tier informal self-employed, formal wage-employed, upper-tier informal wage-employed, and lower-tier informal ...
  • Jonathan Patrick Dowling in memoriam 

    Franson, James; Wilde, Mark M. (Nature, 2020-08-12)
  • The lively accretion disk in NGC 2992. I. Transient iron K emission lines in the high flux state 

    Marinucci, A.; Bianchi, S.; Braito, V.; De Marco, B.; Matt, G.; Middei, R.; Nardini, E.; Reeves, J. N. (2020-06-09)
    We report on one of the brightest flux levels of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 2992 ever observed in X-rays, on May 2019. The source has been monitored every few days from March 26, 2019 to December 14, 2019 by Swift-XRT, and ...
  • Independent Component Analysis for Trustworthy Cyberspace during High Impact Events: An Application to Covid-19 

    Boukouvalas, Zois; Mallinson, Christine; Crothers, Evan; Japkowicz, Nathalie; Piplai, Aritran; Mittal, Sudip; Joshi, Anupam; Adalı, Tülay (2020-06-30)
    Social media has become an important communication channel during high impact events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As misinformation in social media can rapidly spread, creating social unrest, curtailing the spread of ...
  • Optical spectroscopy and X-ray observations of the D-type symbiotic star EF Aql 

    Stoyanov, K. A.; Iłkiewicz, K.; Luna, G. J. M.; Mikołajewska, J.; Mukai, K.; Martí, J.; Latev, G.; Boeva, S.; Zamanov, R. K. (2020-05-07)
    We performed high-resolution optical spectroscopy and X-ray observations of the recently identified Mira-type symbiotic star EF Aql. Based on high-resolution optical spectroscopy obtained with SALT, we determine the ...
  • Exploratory Analysis of Covid-19 Tweets using Topic Modeling, UMAP, and DiGraphs 

    Ordun, Catherine; Purushotham, Sanjay; Raff, Edward (2020-05-06)
    This paper illustrates five different techniques to assess the distinctiveness of topics, key terms and features, speed of information dissemination, and network behaviors for Covid19 tweets. First, we use pattern matching ...
  • Leveraging Mobile Sensing to Understand and Develop Intervention Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence 

    Baglione, Anna N.; Gong, Jiaqi; Boukhechba, Mehdi; Wells, Kristen J.; Barnes, Laura E. (IEEE, 2020-06-26)
    Interventions to improve the medication adherence have had limited success and can require significant human resources to implement. Research focused on improving medication adherence has undergone a paradigm shift, of ...
  • Practice Considerations for Trauma-Informed Care at End of Life 

    Ricks-Aherne, Elizabeth S.; Wallace, Cara L.; Kusmaul, Nancy (Taylor & Francis Online, 2020-09-22)
    Trauma is widespread, and its symptoms can adversely impact wellbeing at end of life, a time when hospice seeks to maximize quality of life. This article reviews research on trauma at end of life, provides an overview of ...
  • Upstream Ultra‐Low Frequency Waves Observed by MESSENGER's Magnetometer: Implications for Particle Acceleration at Mercury's Bow Shock 

    Romanelli, N.; DiBraccio, G.; Gershman, D.; Le, G.; Mazelle, C.; Meziane, K.; Boardsen, S.; Slavin, J.; Raines, J.; Glass, A.; Espley, J. (American Geophysical Union, 2020-04-09)
    We perform the first statistical analysis of the main properties of waves observed in the 0.05–0.41 Hz frequency range in the Hermean foreshock by the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) ...
  • X-ray variability analysis of a large series of XMM–Newton +NuSTAR observations of NGC 3227 

    Lobban, A. P.; Turner, T. J.; Reeves, J. N.; Braito, V.; Miller, L. (Oxford University Press, 2020-04-16)
    We present a series of X-ray variability results from a long XMM–Newton + NuSTAR campaign on the bright, variable AGN NGC 3227. We present an analysis of the light curves, showing that the source displays typically ...
  • Anthropogenic Biomes: 10,000 BCE to 2015 CE 

    Ellis, Erle C.; Beusen, Arthur H.W.; Goldewijk, Kees Klein (MDPI, 2020-04-25)
    Human populations and their use of land have reshaped landscapes for thousands of years, creating the anthropogenic biomes (anthromes) that now cover most of the terrestrial biosphere. Here we introduce the first global ...
  • K2 Ultracool Dwarfs Survey – VI. White light superflares observed on an L5 dwarf and flare rates of L dwarfs 

    Paudel, R. R.; Gizis, J. E.; Mullan, D. J.; Schmidt, S. J.; Burgasser, A. J.; Williams, P. K. G. (Oxford University Press, 2020-05-06)
    KeplerK2 long cadence data are used to study white light flares in a sample of 45 L dwarfs. We identified 11 flares on 9 L dwarfs with equivalent durations of (1.3–198) h and total (UV/optical/IR) energies of ≥0.9 × 10³² ...
  • Three short-period Jupiters from TESS 

    Nielsen, L. D.; Brahm, R.; Bouchy, F.; Espinoza, N.; Turner, O.; Rappaport, S.; Pearce, L.; Ricker, G.; Vanderspek, R.; Latham, D. W.; Seager, S.; Winn, J. N.; Jenkins, J. M.; Acton, J. S.; Bakos, G.; Barclay, T.; Barkaoui, K.; Bhatti, W.; Briceño, C.; Bryant, E. M.; Burleigh, M. R.; Ciardi, D. R.; Collins, K. A.; Collins, K. I.; Cooke, B. F.; Csubry, Z.; dos Santos, L. A.; Eigmüller, Ph.; Fausnaugh, M. M.; Gan, T.; Gillon, M.; Goad, M. R.; Guerrero, N.; Hagelberg, J.; Hart, R.; Henning, T.; Huang, C. X.; Jehin, E.; Jenkins, J. S.; Jordán, A.; Kielkopf, J. F.; Kossakowski, D.; Lavie, B.; Law, N.; Lendl, M.; de Leon, J. P.; Lovis, C.; Mann, A. W.; Marmier, M.; McCormac, J.; Mori, M.; Moyano, M.; Narita, N.; Osip, D.; Otegi, J. F.; Pepe, F.; Pozuelos, F. J.; Raynard, L.; Relles, H. M.; Sarkis, P.; Ségransan, D.; Seidel, J. V.; Shporer, A.; Stalport, M.; Stockdale, C.; Suc, V.; Tamura, M.; Tan, T. G.; Tilbrook, R. H.; Ting, E. B.; Trifonov, T.; Udry, S.; Vanderburg, A.; Wheatley, P. J.; Wingham, G.; Zhan, Z.; Ziegler, C. (EDP Sciences, 2020-07-13)
    We report the confirmation and mass determination of three hot Jupiters discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission: HIP 65Ab (TOI-129, TIC-201248411) is an ultra-short-period Jupiter orbiting a ...
  • Learning to Shadow Hand-Drawn Sketches 

    Zheng, Qingyuan; Li, Zhuoru; Bargteil, Adam (IEEE, 2020-08-05)
    We present a fully automatic method to generate detailed and accurate artistic shadows from pairs of line drawing sketches and lighting directions. We also contribute a new dataset of one thousand examples of pairs of line ...
  • How the Construct of Metacognition Has Contributed to Translational Research in Education, Mental Health, and Beyond 

    Baker, Linda; Millman, Zachary B.; Singer Trakhman, Lauren M. (American Psychological Association, 2020)
    Metacognition research dates back decades and remains a thriving field of scientific inquiry. From its inception, the construct was translational in nature, but only after years of research do we have the privilege of ...
  • Youth Mental Health First‐Aid: Juvenile Justice Staff Training to Assist Youth with Mental Health Concerns 

    Anderson, Robert; Treger, Jennifer; Lucksted, Alicia (Wiley Online Library, 2020-03-05)
    Many youth in juvenile justice settings meet criteria for a mental health condition. Front line staff need to be able to recognize and respond to their needs, but training is often lacking. Youth Mental Health First Aid ...
  • Pavement alters delivery of sediment and fallout radionuclides to urban streams 

    Gellis, Allen C.; Fuller, Christopher C.; Van Metre, Peter C.; Mahler, Barbara J.; Welty, Claire; Miller, Andrew J.; Nibert, Lucas A.; Clifton, Zach J.; Malen, Jeremy J.; Kemper, John T. (Elsevier, 2020-03-16)
    Sediment from urban impervious surfaces has the potential to be an important vector for contaminants, particularly where stormwater culverts and other buried channels draining large impervious areas exit from underground ...
  • A grid-based extension to an assistive multimodal interface 

    Strain, Philip; McAllister, Graham; Murphy, Emma; Kuber, Ravi; Yu, Wai (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007-04)
    This paper describes an extension to a multimodal system designed to improve Internet accessibility for the visually impaired. Here we discuss the novel application of a grid (patent pending) to our assistive web interface. ...

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