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  • Top-down Proteomic Characterization of Truncated Proteoforms 

    Chen, Dapeng; Geis-Asteggiante, Lucia; Gomes, Fabio; Ostrand-Rosenberg, Suzanne; Fenselau, Catherine (ACS Publications, 2019-09-10)
    A top-down proteomic strategy with semi-automated analysis of data sets has proven successful for global identification of truncated proteins without the use of chemical derivatization, enzymatic manipulation, immunoprecipitation ...
  • Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables discovered in hard X-rays 

    Falanga, M.; de Martino, D.; Bernardini, F.; Mukai, K. (2019-06-27)
    Among hard X-ray galactic sources detected by INTEGRAL and Swift surveys, those discovered as accreting white dwarfs have surprisingly boosted in number, representing 20% of the galactic sample. The majority are identified ...
  • A Bayesian Data Analytics Approach to Buildings’ Thermal Parameter Estimation 

    Pathak, Nilavra; Foulds, James; Roy, Nirmalya; Banerjee, Nilanjan; Robucci, Ryan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019-06-28)
    Modeling buildings’ heat dynamics is a complex process which depends on various factors including weather, building thermal capacity, insulation preservation, and residents’ behavior. Gray-box models offer an explanation ...
  • Unidentified Gamma-ray Sources as Targets for Indirect Dark Matter Detection with the Fermi-Large Area Telescope 

    Coronado-Blázquez, Javier; Sánchez-Conde, Miguel A.; Domínguez, Alberto; Aguirre-Santaella, Alejandra; Di Mauro, Mattia; Mirabald, Néstor; Nieto, Daniel; Charles, Eric (2019-06)
    One of the predictions of the ΛCDM cosmological framework is the hierarchical formation of structure, giving rise to dark matter (DM) halos and subhalos. When the latter are massive enough they retain gas (i.e., baryons) ...
  • An improved test of the general relativistic effect of frame-dragging using the LARES and LAGEOS satellites 

    Ciufolini, Ignazio; Paolozzi, Antonio; Pavlis, Erricos C.; Sindoni, Giampiero; Ries, John; Matzner, Richard; Koenig, Rolf; Paris, Claudio; Gurzadyan, Vahe; Penrose, Roger (Springer Nature, 2019-10-23)
    We report the improved test of frame-dragging, an intriguing phenomenon predicted by Einstein’s General Relativity, obtained using 7 years of Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) data of the satellite LARES (ASI, 2012) and 26 ...
  • Satellite Laser-Ranging as a Probe of Fundamental Physics 

    Ciufolini, Ignazio; Matzner, Richard; Paolozzi, Antonio; Pavlis, Erricos C.; Sindoni, Giampiero; Ries, John; Gurzadyan, Vahe; Koenig, Rolf (2019-06)
    Satellite laser-ranging is successfully used in space geodesy, geodynamics and Earth sciences; and to test fundamental physics and specific features of General Relativity. We present a confirmation to approximately one ...
  • Analytically parameterized solutions for robust quantum control using smooth pulses 

    Gungordu, Utkan; Kestner, J. P. (2019-06)
    Achieving high-fidelity control of quantum systems is essential for realization of a practical quantum computer. Composite pulse sequences which suppress different types of errors can be nested to suppress a wide variety ...
  • A Space-based All-sky MeV γ-ray Survey with the Electron Tracking Compton Camera 

    Hamaguchi, Kenji; Tanimori, Toru; Takada, Atsushi; Beacom, John F.; Gunji, Shuichi; Mori, Masaki; Nakamori, Takeshi; Shrader, Chris R.; Smith, David M.; Tamagawa, Toru; Tsurutani, Bruce T. (2019-07)
    Thematic Activity/Project/state of the Profession Consideration Area: A sensitive survey of the MeV γ-ray sky is needed to understand important astrophysical problems such as γ-ray bursts in the early universe, progenitors ...
  • An implicit P-multigrid flux reconstruction method for simulation of locally preconditioned unsteady Navier–Stokes equations at low Mach numbers 

    Wang, Lai; Yu, Meilin (2019-08)
    We develop a P-multigrid solver to simulate locally preconditioned unsteady compressible Navier–Stokes equations at low Mach numbers with implicit high-order methods. Specifically, the high-order flux reconstruction/correction ...
  • Social Media-based User Embedding: A Literature Review 

    Pan, Shimei; Ding, Tao (2019-06)
    Automated representation learning is behind many recent success stories in machine learning. It is often used to transfer knowledge learned from a large dataset (e.g., raw text) to tasks for which only a small number ...
  • Trends in PM2.5 transition metals in urban areas across the United States 

    Hennigan, Christopher J.; Mucci, Aidan; Reed, Brian E. (IOP Publishing, 2019-10-04)
    Using data from the Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Speciation Network, we have characterized trends in PM2.5 transition metals in urban areas across the United States for the period 2001–2016. The metals included ...
  • Long-Wavelength Reflecting Filters Found in the Larval Retinas of One Mantis Shrimp Family (Nannosquillidae) 

    Feller, Kathryn D.; Wilby, David; Jacucci, Gianni; Vignolini, Silvia; Mantell, Judith; Wardill, Trevor J.; Cronin, Thomas W.; Roberts, Nicholas W. (Elsevier B.V., 2019-09-23)
    Both vertebrates and invertebrates commonly exploit photonic structures adjacent to their photoreceptors for visual benefits. For example, use of a reflecting structure (tapetum) behind the retina increases photon capture, ...
  • Discovery of the Galactic High-Mass Gamma-ray Binary 4FGL J1405.1-6119 

    Corbet, R. H. D.; Chomiuk, L.; Coe, M. J.; Coley, J. B.; Dubus, G.; Edwards, P. G.; Martin, P.; McBride, V. A.; Stevens, J.; Strader, J.; Townsend, L. J. (2019-08-28)
    We report the identification from multi-wavelength observations of the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) source 4FGL J1405.1-6119 (= 3FGL J1405.4-6119) as a high-mass gamma-ray binary. Observations with the LAT show that ...
  • Biomimetic Strategies To Treat Traumatic Brain Injury by Leveraging Fibrinogen 

    Brown, Ashley C.; Lavik, Erin; Stabenfeldt, Sarah E. (ACS Publications, 2019-06-27)
    There were over 27 million new cases of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in 2016 across the globe. TBIs are often part of complicated trauma scenarios and may not be diagnosed initially because the primary clinical focus ...
  • Translating the Physics of Snowfall to Radar-Based Validation of GPM 

    Petersen, W.; Pettersen, C.; Kirstetter, P.; Moisseev, D.; Lerber, A. von; Kulie, M.; Marks, David; Tokay, A.; Wolff, D.; Hudak, D. (NASA Technical Reports Server, 2019-06-19)
  • The Trauma-Informed Climate Scale-10 (TICS-10): A Reduced Measure of Staff Perceptions of the Service Environment 

    Hales, Travis; Kusmaul, Nancy; Sundborg, Stephanie; Nochajski, Thomas (Taylor & Francis, 2019-10-10)
    Trauma-informed climates prioritize staff and client experiences of safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment. The Trauma-Informed Climate Scale (TICS) was developed to measure staff perceptions of these values ...
  • Differential Regulation of T-cell Immunity and Tolerance by Stromal Laminin Expressed in the Lymph Node 

    Simon, Thomas; Li, Lushen; Wagner, Chelsea; Zhang, Tianshu; Saxena, Vikas; Brinkman, C. Colin; Tostanoski, Lisa H; Ostrand-Rosenberg, Suzanne; Jewell, Chris; Shea-Donohue, Terez; Hippen, Keli; Blazar, Bruce; Abdi, Reza; Bromberg, Jonathan S (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2019-10-01)
    Background. Stromal laminins α4 and α5 are differentially regulated in transplant tolerance and immunity, respectively, resulting in altered T-cell trafficking. We hypothesized that laminins directly regulated T-cell ...
  • Modeling the precession of the warped inner accretion disk in the pulsars LMC X-4 and SMC X-1 with NuSTAR and XMM-Newton 

    Brumback, McKinley C.; Hickox, Ryan C.; Furst, Felix S.; Pottschmidt, Katja; Tomsick, John A.; Wilms, Jorn (2019-09-23)
    We present a broad-band X-ray study of the effect of superorbital periods on X-ray spectra and pulse profiles in the neutron star X-ray binaries LMC X-4 and SMC X-1. These two sources display periodic or quasi-periodic ...
  • In silico dermoscopy with detailed subsurface scattering 

    Seipp, B.; Olano, M.; Badano, A. (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
    We describe an approach to modeling dermoscopy, the imaging modality for the examination of skin lesions, using accurate subsurface scattering in human skin. We make use of an open-source, path-tracing program with advanced ...
  • 2 mm GISMO Observations of the Galactic Center. II. A Nonthermal Filament in the Radio Arc and Compact Sources 

    Staguhn, Johannes; Arendt, Richard G; Dwek, Eli; Morris, Mark R; Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad; Benford, Dominic J; Kovacs, Attila; Gonzalez-Quiles, Junellie (2019-09-17)
    We have used the Goddard IRAM 2-Millimeter Observer (GISMO) with the 30 m IRAM telescope to carry out a 2 mm survey of the Galaxy’s central molecular zone (CMZ). These observations detect thermal emission from cold ISM ...

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