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  • Fluorescence Measurement of Pericellular Oxygen 

    Boyman, Liron; Kao, Joseph P.Y.; Leach, Jennie B.; Lederer, W. Jonathan; Williams, George S.B. (Elsevier Inc., 2016-02-16)
    Under normal physiological conditions, the mitochondrial electron transport chain consumes cellular/mitochondrial oxygen (O₂) to generate a proton motive force (ΔΨm) which powers ATP synthesis. Thus, many cellular processes ...
  • Neuron absorption study and mid-IR optical excitations 

    Guo, Dingkai; Chen, Xing; Vadala, Shilpa; Leach, Jennie; Kostov, Yordan; Bewley, William W.; Kim, Chul-Soo; Kim, Mijin; Canedy, Chadwick L.; Merritt, Charles D.; Vurgaftman, Igor; Meyer, Jerry R.; Choa, Fow-Sen (SPIE, 2012-02-09)
    Neuronal optical excitation can provide non-contacting tools to explore brain circuitry and a durable stimulation interface for cardiac pacing and visual as well as auditory sensory neuronal stimulation. To obtain accurate ...
  • Biocompatible hydrogel membranes for the protection of RNA aptamer-based electrochemical sensors 

    Schoukroun-Barnes, Lauren R.; Wagan, Samiullah; Liu, Juan; Leach, Jennie B.; White, Ryan J. (SPIE, 2013-05-31)
    Electrochemical-aptamer based (E-AB) sensors represent a universal specific, selective, and sensitive sensing platform for the detection of small molecule targets. Their specific detection abilities are afforded by ...
  • STEM Transfer Success: Reflecting on Lessons Learned 

    Martin, Susan; Jewett, Sarah (Destiny Solutions, 2015-08-27)
  • T-SITE: A UMBC Community of Transfer Scholars in Computing, Information Technology, and Engineering 

    Tauryce, Danyelle; Rheingans, Penny; Blaney, Lee; desJardins, Marie; LaBerge, Charles; Martin, Susan; Slaughter, Gymama; Seaman, Carolyn; Spence, Anne Marie (ASEE, 2017)
  • Picture Password: A Visual Login Technique for Mobile Devices 

    Jansen, Wayne; Gavrila, Serban I.; Korolev, Vladimir; Ayers, Richard P.; Swanstrom, Ryan (2003-07-01)
    Adequate user authentication is a persistent problem, particularly with handheld devices, which tend to be highly personal and at the fringes of an organization's influence. Yet, these devices are being used increasingly ...
  • Towards Distributed Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing Environments 

    Chakraborty, Dipanjan; Joshi, Anupam; Yesha, Yelena; Finin, Tim (IEEE, 2005-12-27)
    The paper proposes a novel distributed service discovery protocol for pervasive environments. The protocol is based on the concepts of peer-to-peer caching of service advertisements and group-based intelligent forwarding ...
  • Using OWL in a Pervasive Computing Broker 

    Chen, Harry; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam (2003-07-15)
    Computing is moving toward a pervasive context-aware environment in which agents with limited resources will require external support to help them become context-aware. In this paper, we describe an agent based architecture ...
  • Towards a Pervasive Grid 

    Hingne, Vipul; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim; Kargupta, Hillol; Houstis, Elias N. (IEEE, 2003-04-15)
    The increase in the use of mobile & embedded devices, coupled with ad-hoc, short range wireless networking is enabling pervasive computing. This pervasive computing environment and the wired Grid infrastructure can be ...
  • Combining Infrastructure and Ad hoc Collaboration For Data Management in Mobile Wireless Networks 

    Ratsimor, Olga; Kodeswaran, Sethuram Balaji; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim; Yesha, Yelena (2002-11-20)
    A mobile ad-hoc network is an autonomous system of mobile routers that are self-organizing and completely decentralized with no requirements for dedicated infrastructure support. However, such infrastructure in terms of ...
  • An Approach to Dynamic Service Management in Pervasive Computing 

    Kagal, Lalana; Avancha, Sasikanth; Korolev, Vladimir; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim (2002-10-09)
    In the near future, we will see dramatic changes in computing and networking hardware. A large number of devices (e.g., phones, PDAs, even small household appliances) will become computationally enabled. Micro/nano sensors ...
  • A Security Architecture Based on Trust Management for Pervasive Computing Systems 

    Kagal, Lalana; Undercoffer, Jeffrey; Perich, Filip; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim (2002-10-09)
    Traditionally, stand-alone computers and small networks rely on user authentication and access control to provide security. These physical methods use system-based controls to verify the identity of a person or process, ...
  • Numi: A Framework for Collaborative Data Management in a Network of InfoStations 

    Kodeswaran, Sethuram Balaji; Ratsimor, Olga Vladi; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Tim; Yesha, Yelena (2002-11-20)
    A network of infostations offering high bandwidth islands of data connectivity has often been suggested as a viable alternative to cellular WAN for providing network connectivity for mobile devices. Current data management ...
  • Agent Communication in DAML World 

    Zou, Youyong; Finin, Tim; Peng, Yun; Joshi, Anupam; Cost, Scott (2003-01-01)
    The Darpa Agent Markup Language (DAML) is the newest effort for Semantic Web. It can be used to create ontologies and markup information resource like web pages. The information resource can be read by human and understood ...
  • UMBCTAC: A Balanced Bidding Agent 

    Ding, Li; Shi, Yongmei; Ding, Zhongli; Pan, Rong; Finin, Tim (2002-12-14)
    UMBCTAC is one of the top ranking agents in the 3rd International Trading Agent Competition (TAC). A TAC game has multiple auctions running on different but interrelated resources simultaneously, and 8 trading agents will ...
  • UMBC at TREC 12 

    Kallurkar, Srikanth; Shi, Yongmei; Cost, R. Scott; Nicholas, Charles; Java, Akshay; James, Christopher; Rajavaram, Sowjanya; Shanbhag, Vishal; Bhatkar, Sachin; Ogle, Drew (2003-11-18)
    We present the results of UMBC’s participation in the Web and Novelty tracks. We explored various heuristics-based link analysis approaches to the Topic Distillation task. For the novelty task we tried several methods ...
  • Service Discovery in Agent-Based Pervasive Computing Environments 

    Ratsimor, Olga; Chakraborty, Dipanjan; Joshi, Anupam; Finin, Timothy; Yesha, Yelena (Springer Nature Switzerland AG., 2003-11-30)
    Directory based service discovery mechanisms are unsuitable for ad-hoc m-commerce environments. Working towards finding an alternate mechanism, we developed Allia: a peer-to-peer caching based and policy-driven agent-service ...
  • A Secure Infrastructure for Service Discovery and Access in Pervasive Computing 

    Undercoffer, Jeffrey; Perich, Filip; Cedilnik, Andrej; Kagal, Lalana; Joshi, Anupam (ACM, 2003-10-12)
    Security is paramount to the success of pervasive computing environments. The system presented in this paper provides a communications and security infrastructure that goes far in advancing the goal of anywhere - anytime ...
  • Personal Agents on the Semantic Web 

    Kunjithapatham, Anugeetha; Sheshagiri, Mithun; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam; Peng, Yun (2003-10-20)
    Personal assistants gather and filter relevant information and compose it into a coherent picture with regard to the user’s preferences. An intrinsic and important prerequisite for a personal assistant or rather any agent ...
  • eNcentive: a framework for intelligent marketing in mobile peer-to-peer environments 

    Ratsimor, Olga; Finin, Tim; Joshi, Anupam; Yesha, Yelena (ACM, 2003-10-03)
    In recent years, the growth of Mobile Computing, Electronic Commerce and Mobile Electronic Commerce has created a new concept of Mobile Electronic Marketing. New marketing models are being developed and used to target ...

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