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  • Nonlinearity between Financial Development and Productivity Growth in Emerging Markets 

    Sankoh, Lamin (2017-12-14)
    ABSTRACT Although the finance-growth nexus has been extensively investigated in empirical literature, there is scare empirical evidence on the question of how financial development influences productivity growth in emerging ...
  • Inclusive Co-Design within a Three-Dimensional Game Environment 

    Walsh, Greg; Donahue, Craig; Pease, Zachary (The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children, 2016-06)
    Co-design research with children is a field that continues to find new ground and expand as it explores new, and more ef- fective ways to design. As children become more enveloped in a world of technology and video games, ...
  • Thinking about LOGO 30 Years Later: Self-reflection, Participatory Design, and Parenting 

    Walsh, Greg (A Medium Corporation, 2017-06)
    I was exposed to computers at a very young age. My recollection is that I was chosen to use the library’s one Apple II computer at age 7. I don’t remember what I did on it, but, I do know that sometime between then and age ...
  • Click to Enter: Comparing Graphical and Textual Passwords for Children 

    Cole, Jasper; Walsh, Greg; Pease, Zachary (2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children, 2017-06)
    This work outlines a study comparing graphical and textual passwords. A study was conducted with 13 children between the ages of six and twelve years old. These participants created their own textual and graphical passwords ...
  • Workplace Flexibility: Integrating Employer and Employee Perspectives to Close the Research-Practice Implementation Gap 

    Kossek, Ellen E.; Thompson, Rebecca J. (The Oxford Handbook of Work and Family, 2016)
    Workplace flexibility research has had mixed results, and varied consequences for employees and employers. Workplace flexibility is defined as a formal or informal agreement between an employer and employee to provide ...
  • A Bridges Center for Mathematical Connections in Art and Science 

    Shrestha, Sujan; Sarhangi, Reza (Bridges Finland Conference Proceedings, 2016-07)
    This presentation is a proposal for the future “Bridges Center” which will host series of Bridges related events. It could potentially become a model for multi-discipline work of collaborations between mathematics and its ...
  • A Comparative Pilot Study of Historical Artifacts in a CAVE Automatic Virtual Reality Environment Versus Paper- Based Artifacts 

    Shrestha, Sujan; Chakraborty, Joyram; Mohamed, Mona A. (18th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct, 2016-09)
    The purpose of this research is to synthesize and transform real world physical environments (PE) into a CAVE automatic virtual reality system (CAVE) by using three-dimensional (3D) models of cultural and historical ...
  • Visualizing Math Art Activities at the GameLab 

    Shrestha, Sujan (Bridges 2017 Conference Proceedings, 2017)
    I share recent projects at the GameLab, a new facility at the University of Baltimore that uses math-art to visualize and engage students in mathematical concepts and real-world problem solving using a virtual reality ...
  • Such Are the Customs of Baltimore: a History of Segregation 

    Nix, Elizabeth M. (Open Society Institute: Baltimore’s Talking About Race Series, 2015-10-27)
    Oct. 27, 2015 -- A History of Segregation in Baltimore -- This talk, given by Elizabeth Nix, a professor at the University of Baltimore, brought examples of structural racism and white privilege to light by talking about ...
  • Wikipédia: Como ela pode auxiliar nas aulas de Historia 

    Nix, Elizabeth M. (Revista de História da UEG, 2013)
    Como professores de História responsáveis todos nós tentamos orientar nossos alunos em relação às fontes confiáveis. Muitos de nós somos relutantes em autorizar os estudantes a usarem a Wikipédia em seus trabalhos acadêmicos ...
  • JCM, VIE and Engagement in Predicting Federal Workers' Performances 

    Mitchell, Thomas; Leeds, J. Peter.; Grimes, Kristi (29th Annual SIOP Conference, 2014)
    We compared the relative effectiveness of the JCM and VIE theories as predictors of performance and the mediating role of employee engagement in federal employees (N = 42,020). VIE was a stronger predictor of performance ...
  • Data Mapping Vacancies in Baltimore 

    Stevenson, Joel (2017-11-30)
    Currently, there is a wealth of data regarding property and vacancy information in Baltimore, but not a publicly cohesive way to access and report it. There exist many private software packages that require a user to log ...
  • When Two Heads Aren’t Better Than One: Conformity in a Group Activity 

    Fender, C. Melissa; Stickney, Lisa T. (Management Teaching Review, 2017)
    Group and team class decision-making activities often focus on demonstrating that “two heads are better than one.” Typically, students solve a problem or complete an assessment individually, then in a group. Generally, ...
  • 8-Bit Goes to the Movies 

    Meikle, Kyle (Wide Screen, 2016-09)
    Since 2013, the YouTube channel Cinefix has offered its followers near-monthly installments of 8-Bit Cinema, a series of short videos in which blockbuster movies like Titanic and Frozen are reimagined as old school videogames. ...
  • The Importance of Social Position in E-Learning 

    Ketel, Mohammed; Fishpaw, Christopher (2014 SouthEast Regional Conference, 2014-03)
    The growth and popularity of online social networks has created new ways of collaboration and communication. College/university students worldwide are particularly enthusiastic users— the vast majority are engaging on a ...
  • Developing a Forensics Tool for Social Media 

    Ketel, Mohammed; Casser, Theodore (2014 SouthEast Regional Conference, 2014-03)
    Millions of users around the world utilize social media sites on any given day, spreading information about their activities, whereabouts and thoughts to friends and interested readers. These same messages can be used to ...
  • Cloud Services for e-Learning 

    Ketel, Mohammed (2014 SouthEast Regional Conference, 2014-03)
    Cloud computing is growing rapidly in almost every sector including education. Many educational institutions do not have the ability to maintain the resources and/or infrastructures required to run e-learning systems and ...
  • Fog-Cloud Services for IoT 

    Ketel, Mohammed (Proceedings of the SouthEast Conference, 2017-04)
    The Internet of things (IoT) 1 devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. It is estimated that the number of such devices will grow into billions within few years. These devices are highly distributed ...
  • Wireless Technologies in New Zealand Businesses: a Longitudinal Assessment 

    Elliot, Libby; Scornavacca, Eusebio; Barnes, Stuart J. (2015)
    The impact of mobile and wireless technologies on global consumers, businesses and society over the last decade has been very substantial. New Zealand businesses have developed an innovative reputation for implementing ...
  • The Development of an Instrument to Measure Mobile Game Quality 

    Scornavacca, Eusebio (Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2016)
    Electronic games are often considered one of the main consumer markets in the mobile commerce arena. This is an area that has thus far been neglected by literature. The research performed in this paper develops and ...

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