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  • Yes, We’re Fishing—In Rough Waters for Hard-to-Find Fish 

    Thompson, Rebecca; Bergman, Mindy E; Culbertson, Satoris S; Huffman, Ann H. (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2013-03)
    In their focal article, Ruggs et al. (2013) outline the missed opportunities for researchers within industrial–organizational (I–O) psychology in examining marginalized employees. The authors identify seven groups as having ...
  • Inequality of Opportunity in the U.S.A. 

    Kassner, Joshua J. (The Baltimore Sun, 2015-07-02)
    We like to tell ourselves stories about the virtues of America, particularly as Independence Day rolls around each year. There is, perhaps, no better example than the story we tell our children that no matter your race, ...
  • How Would They Ever Learn Better? The Sedition Act, the McCarran Internal Security Act, and Congressional Failure 

    Keohane, Jennifer (Northwestern Journal of International Affairs, 2008)
    The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 created a United States very intolerant of dissent. This article argues that Congress should have taken to heart the lessons of the Alien and Sedition Acts when enacting legislation like ...
  • Negotiating Therapeutic Alliances with a Family at Impasse: An Evidence-Based Case Study 

    Friedlander, Myrna L.; Lee, Hsin-Hua; Shaffer, Katharine S.; Cabrera, Patricia (American Psychological Association, 2013-09-23)
    To bridge the science–practice gap, the APA Presidential Task Force endorsed the publication of evidence-based case studies, but to date, there have been few such investigations of conjoint family therapy. To fill this ...
  • Explore Baltimore, Hon! Arts, Culture, Nature and Sports 

    Burclaff, Natalie; Calia-Lotz, Gina (College and Research Libraries News, 2016-12)
    Those who have never been to Baltimore may be surprised by the rich and eclectic cultural life present in this city. Oozing with history, local pride, and ethnic diversity, there is truly something for everyone here. A ...
  • Teaching Information Literacy via Social Media: An Exploration of Connectivism 

    Burclaff, Natalie; Johnson, Catherine R. (Library Philosophy and Practice, 2016)
    College students increasingly use social media channels to access the information they need. Although search engines are still the most frequently used method of information retrieval, 95% of recent college graduates also ...
  • #1ReasonWhy: Game Communities and the Invisible Woman 

    Blodgett, Bridget M.; Salter, Anastasia (Foundations of Digital Games, 2014-04)
    As Cliff Bleszinski [6] states in his blog post the video game community has its own type of religious police charged with enforcing a doctrine regarding gender representation within the gaming community. From the difficulties ...
  • Dating Amy Farrah Fowler: Essentializing Femininity and Othering Women in STEM 

    Blodgett, Bridget M. (16th Annual Meeting of the Association of Internet Researchers, 2015-10)
    Amy Farrah Fowler is one of the standout female characters of The Big Bang Theory. Amy is a dedicated neuroscientist and is often characterized as being the female equivalent to Sheldon’s presentation of male geekiness. ...
  • ‘Benefit of Clergy’ in Maryland and Virginia 

    Sawyer, Jeffrey (The American Journal of Legal History, 1990-01)
    Many historians know of the famous trial of British soldiers involved in the "Boston Massacre" of March 5, 1770, after which two of the soldiers received "benefit of clergy."' Before the justices of the Superior Court of ...
  • Exploring Actor–Partner Interdependence in Family Therapy: Whose View (Parent or Adolescent) Best Predicts Treatment Progress? 

    Friedlander, Myrna L.; Kivlighan Jr., Dennis M.; Shaffer, Katharine S. (Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2012)
    Predictions of family therapy outcome consistently vary depending on which client rates the alliance. We used the actor–partner interdependence model (Kenny, Kashy, & Cook, 2006) to test the interdependence of parents’ and ...
  • Current Issues and Controversies in Capital Punishment 

    Richards, Tara N.; Smith, M. Dwayne (American Journal of Criminal Justice, 2014-03)
    It is our pleasure to introduce you to our special issue on “Current Issues and Controversies in Capital Punishment”. Capital punishment continues to be one of the most highly debated and polarizing public policies issues ...
  • This is Fine: #ResistJam and the 2016 Election in Gaming 

    Salter, Anastasia; Blodgett, Bridget M. (12th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, 2017-08)
    The 2016 US election brought with it a torrent of related media and responses, thanks to the combination of the intense political divide and the turmoil and upheaval of the nation following the surprising results. We will ...
  • Elementary Education Student Attitudes to Teaching Mathematics 

    Alkhateeb, Haitham (Innovative Teaching, 2015-04-15)
    This research study compares the attitudes toward teaching mathematics of ele- mentary education students using the 22-item Likert-type Mathematics Teaching Attitude Questionnaire (Nisbet, 1991). Data were collected from ...
  • Attitudes Towards Teaching Profession of Education Students in Qatar 

    Alkhateeb, Haitham (Innovative Teaching, 2013-10-22)
    This study attempted to obtain empirical evidence on education students' atti- tudes towards the teaching profession in Qatar using the Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession. 334 students (M age = 21.3 yr.) majoring ...
  • Changing of the Guard: Interpretive Continuity of the 2005 Strong Interest Inventory 

    Bailey, Donna C.; Larson, Lisa M.; Borgen, Fred H.; Gasser, Courtney E. (Iowa State University, 2008-05-01)
    This study is the first to examine the equivalence of the 2005 Strong Interest Inventory with the 1994 Strong. The authors examine the parallel content scales of the two versions for female and male college students ...
  • Concurrent Validity of the 2005 Strong Interest Inventory: An Examination of Gender and Major Field of Study 

    Gasser, Courtney E.; Larson, Lisa M.; Borgen, Fred H.
    This is the first article evaluating the concurrent validity of the 2005 Strong Interest Inventory (SII). The Basic Interest Scales (BISs) were substantially revised to reflect the changing workplace, so such an update is ...
  • Pamphleteers Construct Concini 

    Sawyer, Jeffrey K. (University of Baltimore - School of Law, 1990)
    This paper is built around a problem of textual analysis that I have been wrestling with for some time as a historian of early seventeenth-century political propaganda. Stated broadly the problem is how to use the texts ...
  • Distrust of the Legal Establishment in Perspective: Maryland During the Early National Years 

    Sawyer, Jeffrey K.
    Despising lawyers has been popular for centuries, and knowing when to take it seriously is often difficult. Since the 1640s in England, vicious attacks on lawyers and the common law have occasionally accompanied reform ...
  • Telling Gender’s Fortune: International Experts Explore What the Future Holds 

    Gasser, Courtney E. (Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2009-03-01)
    In this book, a group of international experts presents multiple perspectives on what the future holds for the concept of gender. Drawing on such domains as sociology, political science, economics, developmental psychology, ...
  • Assessment of Learning and Study Strategies of University Students in Qatar Using an Arabic Translation of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory 

    Alkhateeb, Haitham; Nasser, Ramzi N. (Psychological Reports, 2014-06)
    13 (119 men, 294 women) undergraduate university students in Qatar completed an Arabic version of the Learning and Study Strategies Inven- tory (LASSI) measuring Anxiety, Attitude, Concentration, Information Processing, ...

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