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  • Dérive: 2021-2025 Business Plan and S.W.O.T. Analysis 

    Schmillen, Michael (2020-06)
    The following capstone project saw the completion of a comprehensive 5-year strategic business plan and S.W.O.T. analysis for a cultural exchange business and organization. In order to create such a plan, an intense amount ...
  • The Utility of Value: Rectifying the Flaws of Significance and Integrity in American Public Housing 

    Haarstad, Elsa (2020-06-29)
    Public housing of the twentieth century is a significant historic and cultural resource in the United States. It represents the homes of tens of thousands of people, housing and social reform in America, the evolving ...
  • 59 WEEKS 

    Atkins, Stephanie M. (2020-06-23)
  • A Cold Humidity 

    Morris, Rebekah (2020-06-20)
    A Cold Humidity by Rebekah Morris is a personal memoir—centered around the stories of women from a rekindling family as they attempt to break free from patterns of insecurity and desperation in the working class Midwest ...
  • Nostalgia 

    Pellegrin, Andre (2020-06-22)
    Nοσταλγία (Nostalgía): A Philosophical Return to my Traumatic Childhood is a memoir exploring my relationship with my father as I grew up in a household of tyrannical, narcissistic abuse. It is a reflection of what it means ...
  • On Religion and Identity: Defining Faith on My Terms 

    Stall, Laura (2020-06-10)
    Her mother is Jewish, her father is Christian—and more recently, a seminarian and pastor-in-training—and she is disillusioned with the tradition of church and organized religion. But for whatever reason, Laura could never ...
  • What We Don't Say 

    Lyon-Vaiden, Catherine (2020-06-01)
    This manuscript is a memoir in essay form. Placed in succession, the essays tell the story of a young woman attempting to navigate life outside the boundaries of Christianity, wellness culture, and motherhood in a social ...
  • Toxic Work Environments In The Arts: When To Walk Away And When To Stay 

    Lyles, Kristina (2020-05-28)
    This paper examines the characteristics of toxic work environments in the nonprofit arts sector to inform art administrators when they should leave their toxic organization or stay and work for change. Characteristics that ...
  • Prepare a Table: Creating Equitable Places Through Culturally Based Food-Sharing 

    Arias, Catherine (2020-05)
    Communities are increasingly pressuring professionals in the field of arts and culture, and in the multi-sector realm of creative placemaking, to ensure that their projects are inclusive and equitable. Culturally based ...
  • The Last Horserace 

    Arvesen, Brandon (2020-05-20)
    Brandon Arvesen’s creative thesis, “The Last Horserace,” follows the author’s father, James, as he attempts to conjure up one last win. James, a semi-retired statistician and professional gambler, finds a new and altogether ...

    DOOLEY, DON (2020-05-18)
    Mexican-Latinx historic resources are under-represented in local, state, and federal historic preservation programs. This treatise focuses on how municipal governments in Los Angeles County can utilize their land-use ...
  • Transcending the Migration Security Dilemma: A Critical Emancipatory Analysis of Irregular Economic Migration Policy 

    Daniels, Adi (2020-05)
    The phenomena of undocumented migrant labor, or irregular economic migration, has become conentious topic in migration studies and global migration policy. Within International Relations, liberal and realist mainstream ...
  • Go-Go Community Sustainability Report: Impact Investments and Policy Recommendations 

    Glee, Maleke (2020-05-18)
    The Go-Go Community Sustainability Report documents the current challenges of the go-go cultural economy and produces public-private policy and investment recommendations. The impetus for the report is the desired ...
  • Identification of English Learners in the Perceptions of ESOL Resource Teachers 

    Duracka, Juraj (2020-05)
    In this descriptive study, the English Learner (EL) identification process in one of the Maryland public school districts was reviewed and evaluated through the lens of ESOL instructional or non-instructional staff members. ...
  • Wading Upstream: The Case for Ecofeminism as a Solution-Oriented, Critical Theory Approach 

    Rapkin-Citrenbaum, Brett (2020-05-15)
    This thesis is an analytical piece meant to explore the methods of transnational corporations engaging in aid relating to gendered environmental sustainability efforts. The piece will not be very poetic in nature and—though ...
  • The Undesigned 

    Serman, Emunah (2020-05)
    In the future, it has become the norm for parents to edit their children's DNA in vitro through CRISPR technology. Because of their genetic superiority, the designed, commonly known as "Vitros" have secured their place as ...
  • Classroom Management Techniques in Second Grade 

    Hart, Lisa (2020-05)
    The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of positive and negative classroom management techniques on student achievement in second grade. This study will be able to determine the most effective classroom ...
  • The Impact of Cell Phone Use on Academic Achievement in College Students 

    Duranti, Michaela (2020-05-13)
    The purpose of this action research was to determine if the academic achievement of college students was affected by the amount of time spent on their cell phones. The measurement tool was the online application Canvas ...
  • The Impact of Guided Reading Instruction on Students’ Reading Achievement in First Grade 

    Gardner, Keri (2020-05-13)
    The purpose of this study was to examine the impact that guided reading has on first grade students’ reading levels. The students’ reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension were assessed by using the Fountas and Pinnell ...
  • The Effect of Multiple Teaching Strategies on Student Grammar Achievement 

    Bruce, Robert (2020-05)
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of grammar instruction, delivered through a combination of direct instruction, grammar in a literary context, and grammar in a writing context, on grammar achievement ...

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