Recent Submissions

  • Using Analytics for Institutional Transformation 

    Suess, Jack; Dillon, Mike; Mozie-Ross, Yvette (Educause, 2012-09-04)
  • A Pandemic Silver Lining: Helping Former Students Finish Degrees Online 

    Rous, Philip; Mozie-Ross, Yvette; Shin, Sarah; Fritz, John (EDUCAUSE, 2021-04-08)
  • Assessment and Analytics in Institutional Transformation 

    Hrabowski, Freeman; Suess, Jack; Fritz, John (EDUCAUSE Review, 2011-09-12)
    U.S. higher education has an extraordinary record of accomplishment in preparing students for leadership, in serving as a wellspring of research and creative endeavor, and in providing public service. Despite this success, ...
  • Reclaiming the Lead: Higher Education's Future and Implications for Technology 

    Hrabowski III, Freeman A.; Suess, Jack (EDUCAUSE, 2010-12)
    U.S. education, K-20, is under constant scrutiny as the country faces increasingly competitive global markets, a worldwide recession, rapid technological and demographic changes at home, and struggling educational systems ...
  • Project-Based Learning Continues to Inspire Cybersecurity Students: The 2018–2019 SFS Research Studies at UMBC 

    Golaszewski, Enis; Sherman, Alan T.; Oliva, Linda; Peterson, Peter A. H.; Bailey, Michael R.; Bohon, Scott; Bonyadi, Cyrus; Borror, Casey; Coleman, Ryan; Flenner, Johannah; Enamorado, Elias; Eren, Maksim E.; Khan, Mohammad; Larbi, Emmanuel; Marshall, Kyle; Morgan, William; Mundy, Lauren; Onana, Gabriel; Orr, Selma Gomez; Parker, Lauren; Pinkney, Caleb; Rather, Mykah; Rodriguez, Jimmy; Solis, Bryan; Tete, Wubnyonga; Tsega, Tsigereda B.; Valdez, Edwin; Varga, Charles K.; Weber, Brian; Wnuk-Fink, Ryan; Yonkeu, Armand; Zetlmeisl, Lindsay; Doyle, Damian; O'Brien, Casey; Roundy, Joseph; Suess, Jack
  • Advancing an Open Educational Resource Initiative through Collaborative Leadership 

    Durham, Erin; Braxton, Sherri (2020)
    In its examination of initial stages of OER implementation at a mid-size public research institution, this article discusses the collaborative leadership practices developed by the Senior Director of Information Technology ...
  • The SFS Summer Research Study at UMBC: Project-Based Learning Inspires Cybersecurity Students 

    Sherman, Alan; Golaszewski, Enis; LaFemina, Edward; Goldschen, Ethan; Khan, Mohammed; Mundy, Lauren; Rather, Mykah; Solis, Bryan; Tete, Wubnyonga; Valdez, Edwin; Weber, Brian; Doyle, Damian; O’Brien, Casey; Oliva, Linda; Roundy, Joseph; Suess, Jack (2018-11-12)
    May 30-June 2, 2017, Scholarship for Service (SFS) scholars at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) analyzed the security of a targeted aspect of the UMBC computer systems. During this hands-on study, with ...
  • Using IMS Standards to Advance Next-Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE) 

    Suess, John (2019-02-26)
    The NGDLE is a vision for a learning ecosystem not a detailed technical specification. As such, the NGDLE will evolve over time as technology matures and the research in teaching & learning identifies effective practices. ...
  • Technology Solutions to Support Assessment 

    Harrison, Jennifer M.; Braxton, Sherri N. (NILOA, 2018-09)
    In this paper, we explore how assessment technologies can support college and university assessment processes at multiple levels. Our goal is to help you think through your institutional assessment culture and processes, ...