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dc.contributor.authorLi, Gang
dc.description.abstractAn active form-grinding method is proposed to obtain excellent and stable contact performance of cylindrical gears by designing modification forms based on a predesigned controllable second-order transmission error function. First of all, a predesigned second-order transmission error polynomial function is assigned to the gear drive. Mathematical models of modified tooth surfaces that can describe their local deviation and ease-off topography are then obtained with the predesigned second-order transmission error function. Moreover, the form-grinding wheel’s profile equation, the coordinate transformation matrix during formgrinding, and settings of computer numerical control form-grinding programs for this active design method can be determined. This approach is ultimately conducted on three involute cylindrical gear pairs to demonstrate its feasibility and effectiveness.en_US
dc.format.extent14 pagesen_US
dc.genrejournal articlesen_US
dc.identifier.citationGang Li, An active forming grinding method for cylindrical involute gears based on a second-order transmission error model, SCIREA Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Vol. 2 , No. 1 , 2019 , pp. 1 - 14 .en_US
dc.publisherScience Research Associationen_US
dc.relation.isAvailableAtThe University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
dc.relation.ispartofUMBC Mechanical Engineering Department Collection
dc.rightsThis item is likely protected under Title 17 of the U.S. Copyright Law. Unless on a Creative Commons license, for uses protected by Copyright Law, contact the copyright holder or the author.
dc.subjectcylindrical gearsen_US
dc.subjectsecond-order transmission erroren_US
dc.subjectactive designen_US
dc.titleAn active forming grinding method for cylindrical involute gears based on a second-order transmission error modelen_US

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