Established in 1966, UMBC has risen from modest beginnings, with some of our initial external research awards secured in the mid 1990’s. We have grown into a Doctoral University with Higher Research Activity, as designated by the current Carnegie Classification, which places us among the top 220 research universities in the Nation with FY 2018 extramural research expenditures of $76 Million. According to the current NSF’s Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey, UMBC is currently ranked #147 in federal research and development expenditures.

We build on the inherent strengths in our vibrant, interdisciplinary and collaborative research culture, with a strong national reputation for integrating undergraduates in mentored research. Our key research themes are well aligned with regional and national priorities – Environment, Health, National Security and Education. Each of these key themes benefits from an inclusive approach, by taking into account social sciences, ethical, public policy and other important considerations to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our research motto “Innovation That Matters” reflects the fact that our faculty and students are particularly focused on translational and applied research areas: we thrive on the opportunity and experience that our work can have direct impact – on the scientific and engineering fields, on our students, and on the communities that we partner with.

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