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  • "A widespread loss of confidence:" TARP, presidential rhetoric, and the crisis of neoliberalism 

    Abbott, Blake (Taylor & Francis, 2018-11)
    This article analyzes the circulation of the term “confidence” as a prominent signifier for neoliberal logics, taking George W. Bush’s response to the economic crisis in Fall 2008 as a case study. It traces the public ...
  • Monticello's master: Sally Hemings and the deconstruction of the Patriot archetype 

    Rowe, Desireé D.; McCann, Betsy (Delta Sigma Rho--Tau Kappa Alpha, 2004-01)
    We explore the above discrepancy by posing the question: How does the Sally Hemings controversy work to deconstruct the popular conception of Tho-mas Jefferson as American Patriot through the use of converging and conflicting ...
  • When "van talk" steers out of control: a theoretical exploration of team traditions 

    Rowe, Desireé D; Cronn-Mills, Daniel (National Forensic Association, 2005)
    Forensics traditions are classically perceived as positive motivators within the team dynamic. We illuminate, however, the disadvantages of team traditions after exploring the variables within team cohesion, and how those ...
  • Performative (re)writing: Valerie Solanas and the politics of scribble 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science, 2013)
    Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist writer best known for shooting Andy Warhol in 1968, is also the author of S.C.U.M. Manifesto, a feminist anti-capitalist treatise advocating for women's revolution against work, men, ...
  • Digital discourses: implementing technology within the public speaking classroom 

    Rowe, Desireé D.; Davis, Andrea M. (Indiana University, 2013-06)
    In this semester-long project, students will be able to utilize various digital tools to meet four outcomes within the Public Speaking classroom. First, we are focused on the student’s ability to demonstrate critical ...
  • Ekkreinen: a stop motion capsule performance 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (2018-10-01)
    "Until the day of when I sat patiently on the hospital bed with tears streaming down my face. My anxiety and panic and had returned for an appearance right before I was to be wheeled to surgery. I saw the room begin to ...
  • Beyond the talk-back: performing autoethnography and the functions of critique 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (University of California Press, 2017-10-26)
    Reflecting on my own experiences with talk-backs and audience responses, this manuscript uses metaphor to map the functions of autoethnographic performance critique. Through an exploration of vulnerability within performance, ...
  • Troubling violence: a performance project (Book review) 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (Taylor & Francis, 2010-10-09)
    The article reviews the book "Troubling Violence: A Performance Project," by M. Heather Carver and Elaine J. Lawless.
  • "I Should Have Done Target Practice": Why Valerie Solanas Missed 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (Sage Publishing, 2011-02)
    Through performative writing, this article seeks to tell the story of Valerie Solanas. Solanas, the woman most notoriously known as the shooter of Andy Warhol, has had little media exposure that does not frame her outside ...
  • Valerie Solanas and the queer performativity of madness 

    Rowe, Desireé D.; Chávez, Karma R. (Sage Publications, 2011-05-20)
    Accusations of madness have long been hurled at queer and feminist bodies, and typically when people are deemed mad, they are granted little agency.This article attempts to read madness as potentially agentic when it ...
  • The critical lede: new media and ecological balance 

    Myers, W. Benjamin; Rowe, Desireé D. (Taylor & Francis, 2012-01)
    As co-hosts of the podcast The Critical Lede (TCL), we find ourselves at a moment where new media projects are bursting onto the scene of not only communication/ performance studies but also all fields of academe. That we ...
  • The performative possibilities of new media 

    Rowe, Desireé D.; Myers, W. Benjamin (Taylor & Francis, 2012-01)
    We understand new media as performative - a medium that is an active participant in a political dialogue. It is political in its iterability; it performs, over and over, passing as/with information. We see this in our ...
  • The (dis)appearance of Up your ass: Valerie Solanas as abject revolutionary 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (Taylor & Francis, 2013-03-14)
    Through performative writing and using Cixous' notion of écriture feminine, this piece explores how the archival and treatment of Valerie Solanas' ‘lost’ manuscript Up Your Ass marks her as an abject body. Further, this ...
  • Please don't use the restraints: forgetting, failure, and childbirth 

    Rowe, Desireé D. (Sage Publications, 2016-07)
    The end of the story is all you care about. So, let’s get that out of the way first. Penelope Jane was born on March 23rd. She was healthy. The trauma of that day still resonates within my body, called into being through ...