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  • The Progress of Patriotism and Biography: The Battle of Trafalgar in Southey's The Life of Nelson 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (United States Air Force Academy. Department of English and Fine Arts, 1997)
    [From article]: "Every poet," said Ovid, "bears the burden of Homer" (I.i). And every biographer faces the problems and looks to the standard of Plutarch. But the biographer of a contemporary bears the burden of his times ...
  • Steele's "Curs" and Fielding's Hounds 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Oxford University Press, 1979-12)
    A discussion of the source of the names for the squire's dogs in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews.
  • Can a Gentleman Rage?: Ben Franklin on the Curve of Satire 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Central Piedmont Community College (Charlotte, N.C.), 2011)
    [From article]: It was the Golden Age of satire, the eighteenth century in England, and Swift, Pope, Gay, Addison and Steele, Fielding, and Jane Austen were the gold standard. Never has a country before or since produced ...
  • The Tone in the Tune: An Echo of Burns in Hardy's "The Darkling Thrush" 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2017)
    [From article:] The most anthologized of Thomas Hardy's poems, "The Darkling Thrush," is also a site of contesting themes of skepticism, agnosticism, denial, and regret [...] Yet there is a chorus of agreement about the ...
  • War in British Literary Scholarship 

    Hahn, H. George (Henry George), 1942- (University of Chicago. Press. Journals Division, 2017-11)
    [From article] But for almost a century since Henry Beers’s History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century (New York, 1899), the mainlines of literary scholarship, criticism, and popular thought have viewed the ...