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  • Human as double bind: Sylvia Wynter and the genre of “man” 

    Parker, Emily (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018)
    Sylvia Wynter's philosophy of sociogenesis is an implicit response to a double bind instituted by conceiving of humanity in what she calls generic terms. Either one is human and measured by a morphology that privileges an ...
  • On the body and the human-ecology distinction 

    Parker, Emily (State University of New York Press, 2018)
    Reading Fanon yields a critique of a concept that he did not himself explicitly criticize, but which his project in effect renders deeply problematic, “the body.” I therefore question this concept in the present as it ...
  • Precarity and elemental difference: on Butler’s re-writing of Irigarayan difference 

    Parker, Emily (Sage, 2017-06-01)
    It is widely accepted that Judith Butler’s work represents a fundamental departure from that of Luce Irigaray. However, in a 2001 essay, Butler suggests that Irigaray’s work plays a formative role in her own, and that the ...
  • Singularity in Beauvoir's The ethics of ambiguity 

    Parker, Emily (Wiley Blackwell, 2015-03)
    Though it has gone unnoticed so far in Beauvoir Studies, the term 'singularity' is a technical one for Simone de Beauvoir. In the first half of the essay I discuss two reasons why this term has been obscured. First, as is ...
  • Anthropocene and elemental multiplicity 

    Jones, Rachel; Parker, Emily (Duke University Press, 2017-03-01)
    Our hope in the present essay is to provide a figure for thought in response to what Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer first named "the Anthropocene." Our interest is not in providing a substitute for this concept, but in ...