The Sherman Center is a multidisciplinary center established with a generous gift from the George and Betsy Sherman Family Foundation. Through applied research, professional and leadership development, and partnerships with schools, families, and communities, it seeks to build a strong foundation for learning among young children in Baltimore City and develop best early education practices for urban schools.

Recent Submissions

  • Lakeland Dual Language Program Study AY 2016 –17 to AY 2018 –19 

    Mata-McMahon, Jennifer; Burggraf-Bassett, Laurel; Salas, Ana Gabriela; Michael, Joshua L. (Sherman Center UMBC, 2020-08)
    This study looks at evaluating the design and implementation of the Lakeland Dual Language Program (DLP). Lakeland is a Full-Service Community School (FSCS) in Baltimore, Maryland serving primarily Latinx and African ...