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  • Bloom 

    Yarrish, Christina; Venturelli, Maria; Juarez, Lithza; De La Stukes, Helena; Cogen, Beth; Livelsberger, Brianna; Ajeti, Mire; Santiago, Anna; Johnson, Asia; Brodsky, Zoe; Wrenn, Evita; Hornbacher, Marya; Zing; Davis, An; Outten, Ayanna; DiPaula, Rena; Pusey, Ariella; Gilmore, Zoe; Sloan, Courtney; Dhananjaya; Pope, Lauren; Trulio, Anna (2018-05)
    This is a collection of works from the Feminist Psychology class taught at Goucher College in the Spring of 2018.
  • War of Memory: The Civil War Continues in School Textbooks 

    Shepherd, Sarah H. (2018-05-01)
    The piece I submitted titled, “War of Memory: The Civil War Continues in School Textbooks,” examines four 1890s history textbooks in order to demonstrate the evolution of the Lost Cause and how it was created out of the ...
  • denatured 

    Piper, Julia M. (2018-04-29)
    We live in an abstracted, and urbanized form of nature where the connection of person and their environment is easily disregarded. Connection to geographically distant, or non-existent, places is increasingly possible ...
  • What a Mother Hen Knows But Won’t Say 

    St. John, Madeline (2018-05-22)
    These stories interweave various levels of reality, juggling fact and fantasy through the perspectives of various quirky and conventional characters of two fictional towns: Candle, a rural town with an economy based around ...
  • Labour Transition in 21st Century American Economy 

    To, Tin Yu (2018-05-22)
    The American labour market experienced fundamental changes in the since the turn of the millennium as workers are becoming more precarious, experiencing higher dismissal rates and lower job-retention rates. This trend has ...
  • A Product of the System 

    Hills, Lydell (2018-05)
    This piece is a sociopolitical narrative that extrapolates upon the life of one community organizer, Lydell Hills aka Rebel Buddha, as he strives to produce a model for ethical community organizing and engagement. He begins ...
  • To Create A Nation: Folk Culture and the Construction of Identity 

    Lant, Marina (2018-05-10)
    In 1999, the newly elected Scottish Parliament opened. During the opening ceremony, the entire body sang together for the last verse of the performance of Robert Burns’ “A Man’s A For A’ That.” Both unionist and nationalist ...

    Burdette Curtis, Melinda (1972-05)
    In I92I Dr. William Westley Guth, President of Goucher College, purchased a 42I acre tract in Towson, Maryland with the intention of moving the College from its crowded city location to a more suitable site in the suburbs. ...
  • En[gendering] Revolution: Baltimore Panther Women, Survival, and the "Making of the Black Radical Tradition" 

    Spear, Marissa (2017-12)
    As a former nursing student and transfer to Goucher College, I decided to pursue a self-designed major in Health Equity Studies to understand the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, and migration status act as ...
  • Mother Goose Rhymes 

    Ferguson, Lucie (2010)
    Ferguson, an art major, examined the illustrations found in different editions of Mother Goose rhymes to create her own artistic renderings of the verses. Ferguson created original illustrations and prints inspired by ...
  • Existential and Humanistic Psychology: A reflection and dialogue with Rolf Muuss 

    Donnelly, Claire (2016)
    This interview will include questions about a variety of themes that we've covered in our course so far, in existential and humanistic psychology, including freedom, authenticity, optimal experience, and issues associated ...
  • A Snake in Swans 

    Hills, David J. (2017)
    'A Snake in Swans' is an original, full-length play exploring the relationships between mothers and children through the lens of clinical, ante-, and postpartum depression. A memory play at its core, 'A Snake in Swans' ...
  • Can Fanfiction be Considered as Good Storytelling? 

    Head, Julianna (2017)
    A speech on why fanfiction should be considered good storytelling.
  • Enough Is Enough: Genocide Ideology and the Bereavement Process in Baltimore and Rwanda 

    Sage, Lily (2017-05-10)
    This project is a work of collaborative scholarship based in both Rwanda and Baltimore. Through their grief narratives, survivors of homicide victims in Baltimore and survivors of the Rwandan genocide express the ways that ...
  • A Self Prospective 

    Staples, Tracy (2017-05-10)
    One woman's reflections on her childhood, traumas, struggles, and successes.
  • From Radicals and Raps to Clairvoyants in Cabinets: The Failed Promise of the Spiritualist Movement 

    Rines, Emily (2017-05-09)
    Although frequently seen as outlandish radicals, the Spiritualist movement in its first half a century bore a striking resemblance to mainstream social mores, and especially to the mass-produced death culture of mid to ...
  • Christianity and Race in the United States: Calling the White Church to Action 

    Brudner, Elizabeth (2017-05-08)
    My hope in this paper is to reflect upon the ways the white church has perhaps betrayed what it means to be Christian and why when it comes to matters of racial justice. Why, for instance, is the white church not more ...
  • A Religious America: An In Depth Look at the Free Exercise Clause 

    Kaseff, Rachel (2017-05-08)
    An in depth look at the Free Exercise Clause and the ways in which various Supreme Court cases have evolved religious freedom.
  • The Compassionate Mother of Carmel: Teresa of Avila and the Carmelite Model for Twenty-First-Century Seekers 

    Salamony, Ryan (2017-05-04)
    The purpose of this document is to, first, analyze the ways that historical contexts like the rise of imperialism and the Spanish Inqui sition impacted Teresa of Avila ’s life , as well as the Christian monastic ...
  • "In the World but Not of It": The Kingdom of God as Radical Refusal and New Creation 

    Kniss, Katrina (2017-05-02)
    This paper explores the intersections of Christian anarchism, the Anabaptist tradition, and fields of radical thought that decenter the state, drawing from the work of Giorgio Agamben, Autonomist Marxism, and Afro-pessimism.

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