Inaugurated in fall 2015, Albert S. Cook Library established the Towson Seminar Information Literacy Award to recognize emerging research and scholarship in the Towson Seminar (TSEM102). Towson Seminar instructors were asked to nominate one outstanding paper from each section of their Towson Seminar per fall and spring semesters. Librarians evaluated the nominated papers based on the use of information literacy skills, as well as the quality of research, clarity of writing, and adherence to citation standards.

Recent Submissions

  • Pricing water's true cost 

    Tan, Katherine
    [From paper]: Recently, a California panel rejected a proposal for a USD 1.4 billion desalination plant to convert ocean water into drinking water. The developer had hoped the plant would address the state’s megadrought ...
  • Malignant microscopic monsters: future research needed regarding freshwater harmful algal blooms 

    Usi, Nathan (2021-12)
    [From paper]: On August 2nd, 2014, an urgent message was sent out to the people of Toledo, Ohio from the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant: DO NOT DRINK THE WATER. Chemists had detected higher than normal concentrations ...
  • Lifeblood of the Bay: How increasing acidity threatens the Chesapeake Bay's shellfish and economy 

    Maddox, Elisabeth (2021-05)
    [From paper]: The Chesapeake Bay, an impressive body of water located on the eastern shore of the United States stretches across six states, with more than 3,600 species of plants and animals depending on the Bay for ...
  • Harmony in Harlem: an interaction of jazz and culture 

    Owens, Rachel (2020-12)
    [From paper]: Much like the chicken and the egg, jazz and culture share a tricky relationship. Is jazz simply a small part of culture, which is made up of thousands of other customs and institutions? Or does jazz create ...
  • The marginalization of lesbian-feminism at Towson State College during the 1970s 

    Arroyo, Emma (2020-12)
    [From paper]: As a college traditionally dominated by women in the heart of metropolitan Baltimore, Towson’s college campus (then called TSC, or Towson State College) was not only a living site for the women's liberation ...
  • Impacts of hurricane experience on risk perception and evacuation 

    Laurence, Akeem Daniel Keven (2019-12)
    Hurricanes are capable of catastrophic widespread destruction, posing a serious risk to human life that is best mitigated by early and complete evacuation of the storm’s path. This study seeks to understand the impact of ...
  • The effects of climate change and excess nutrients on hypoxia levels and eutrophication in estuaries 

    Zanfardino, Emma (2020-05)
    [From paper] In this paper I will be analyzing various studies to understand the effects of the overuse of fertilizers and climate change on estuaries. The main question I am studying is: what are the effects of climate ...
  • Lost cause and memory in America: then and now 

    Braswell, Daniel R., II (2019-05)
    [From paper:] As the Civil War came to an end, America found itself in a strange state, one it had never experienced. For the last four years, the country had been torn in two, fighting a deadly, historically significant ...
  • The effects of computer-mediated communication in military families during a deployment 

    Rodgers, Paris (2018-12)
    The rapid advancement of technology has impacted society in countless ways from transportation to the way one communicates. Computer-mediated communication (CMC), for instance, has allowed individuals to interact through ...
  • Beethoven's hair 

    Steinbacher, Will (2018-05)
    [From paper] The “Guevara” lock of Beethoven’s Hair is an immense historical discovery that yields insight into the life and death of one of the greatest composers of all time, especially the period of suffering during ...
  • Black women: the forgotten trailblazers 

    Winston, Jiana (2018-05)
    [From paper] The 1960s and 1970s were decades of large-scale upheaval and change in the United States. Several social movements brought about this change, two of the most prominent being the Civil Rights Movement and the ...
  • Black representation on campus 

    Sigur, Morgan (2017-12)
    [From paper] In 1966, civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael gave a speech at UC Berkeley where he used the phrase “Black Power” to describe an ideology of racial pride and black autonomy. The phrase “Black Power” had been ...
  • Adopting sustainable agriculture in order to recover the environment 

    Bergman, Knickole (2017-10-11)
    Agriculture practices changed drastically proceeding World War II coinciding with the eruption in birth rate that created the generation known as the “baby boomers”. According to Richard Fry, in 1946, 3.4 million babies ...
  • What can be done?: Delhi's water conservation initiatives 

    Pargamanik, Alina (2017-10-11)
    Although local bureaucracies in Delhi, India are implementing new initiatives to address their water issues concerning availability and value, the initiatives currently in place are not enough to withstand the unprecedented ...
  • Desktop computer use: physiological and psychological problems and potential solutions 

    Case, Joey (2017-10-11)
    The purpose of this paper is to explain the dangers of excessive desktop computer use along with the solutions to treat such problems. In today’s digital society, digital natives are introduced to all kinds of technology ...
  • Social media: a catalyst for Yemeni contagion 

    McIver, Andrea (2016-05-11)
    An examination of the role of social media in the Yemeni Arab Spring.
  • Health preservation over food preservation 

    Reifer, Danielle (2016-05)
    An examination of the use of synthetic preservatives, synthetic additives, and natural alternatives in food production and their impacts on health.
  • Can money buy happiness?: the influence of money on well-being 

    Noland, Gabrielle (2015-12)
    There are many factors that affect an individual’s well-being, with money being one of them. Multiple sources address the correlations between income and happiness through subjects such as prosocial spending, materialism, ...