Iz in ur meme / aminalizin teh langwich: A linguistic study of LOLcats

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Ohai! I can haz ur atenshun? Dis paypur lukz at won of da most popularest trendz on teh interwebz. LOLkittehz, or LOLcats, as teh hoomanz sez it, iz nawt juzt a passin fad but raddur 1 dat haz spurd a kulchur and langwich awl itz own. LOLspeak (pronounced [LAWL-speak]), referred to by many as “kitty pidgin,” is the variation of English found in the millions of captions superimposed on images of cats. The combinations of images and childishly spelt captions are circulated endlessly throughout the Internet and known as LOLcats. The language is an obvious deviation from standard English but remains intelligible to most English speakers. This paper examines the overlying linguistic patterns found in LOLcat captions and hypothesizes as to the influences of the language.