With its unique focus on a single genre and its strong professional emphasis on publishing, Goucher's MFA in Nonfiction has gained a reputation as the best in its field. The program is committed to preparing students for writing careers. We bring editors and agents to the summer residencies and lead discussions on such practical matters as writer finances. We also sponsor annual trips to New York, where second-year students meet with some of publishing's top editors and agents.

Recent Submissions

  • Marvelous in Our Eyes: A Son’s Pilgrimage to Find Meaning in His Parent’s Lives 

    Friedland, Bruce (2020-12-31)
    This memoir recounts the author’s efforts to make sense of his father, his mother and his own difficulties growing up. His father, Edward Friedland was a Brooklyn-born, MIT-educated whiz kid of the 1950s, who came of age ...
  • Scenes From A Mental Illness 

    Dale, Anita (2021-01-11)
    This memoir is written in a conversational style from a sister to her brother who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. The story spans forty-four years focusing on the period between formal diagnosis in 1977 and the ...
  • Racing Ourselves: Stories from the Frontlines of Suburban Striver Culture 

    Gaines-Buchler, Emily (2020-12-18)
    In Racing Ourselves: Stories from the Frontlines of Suburban Striver Culture, author Emily Gaines Buchler delves into the hypercompetitive achievement culture in which she lives, works, and raises a family, Towson, Maryland, ...
  • The Attention Wars: How We Misunderstand Attention and What's Actually Affecting Our Ability to Focus 

    Clemons, Anthony (2020-08-24)
    The Attention Wars is a story about how we misunderstand attention and what's actually affecting our ability to focus. Throughout the book, I debunk the belief that our attention is dwindling and show examples from gaming ...
  • 59 WEEKS 

    Atkins, Stephanie M. (2020-06-23)
  • A Cold Humidity 

    Morris, Rebekah (2020-06-20)
    A Cold Humidity by Rebekah Morris is a personal memoir—centered around the stories of women from a rekindling family as they attempt to break free from patterns of insecurity and desperation in the working class Midwest ...
  • Nostalgia 

    Pellegrin, Andre (2020-06-22)
    Nοσταλγία (Nostalgía): A Philosophical Return to my Traumatic Childhood is a memoir exploring my relationship with my father as I grew up in a household of tyrannical, narcissistic abuse. It is a reflection of what it means ...
  • On Religion and Identity: Defining Faith on My Terms 

    Stall, Laura (2020-06-10)
    Her mother is Jewish, her father is Christian—and more recently, a seminarian and pastor-in-training—and she is disillusioned with the tradition of church and organized religion. But for whatever reason, Laura could never ...
  • What We Don't Say 

    Lyon-Vaiden, Catherine (2020-06-01)
    This manuscript is a memoir in essay form. Placed in succession, the essays tell the story of a young woman attempting to navigate life outside the boundaries of Christianity, wellness culture, and motherhood in a social ...
  • The Last Horserace 

    Arvesen, Brandon (2020-05-20)
    Brandon Arvesen’s creative thesis, “The Last Horserace,” follows the author’s father, James, as he attempts to conjure up one last win. James, a semi-retired statistician and professional gambler, finds a new and altogether ...
  • Trill: A Song/Book of Revelations & Reckonings from a Southern Black Girlhood and Beyond 

    Manora, Yolanda (2020-01-13)
    A lyric essay/prose poetry memoir project about Southern black girlhood & womanhood and navigating the material and metaphysical spaces between the Civil Rights and #BlackLivesMatter Movements both at home in the American ...
  • The Lies I Tell 

    Brooks, Susette (2019-07-01)
    On June 11, 1992, the trajectory of Susette’s four-year-old life took a wide turn when her college-bound brother died suddenly on the basketball court where he played every day of his young life. Whatever dreams their ...
  • Detroit: A White Woman's Recollection. Essays on Fifteen Years of Living in The Motor City 

    Farrell Azuta, Michele (2019-01-29)
    Detroit: A White Woman’s Recollection
  • Miss Adventure: My Life as a Geologist, Explorer, and Professional Risk-Taker 

    Phoenix, Jess (2018-12)
    Miss Adventure: My Life as a Geologist, Explorer, and Professional Risk-Taker plunges into the volatile reality of modern field science. Worlds away from the sterile lab environment associated with scientific research, ...
  • Other Side of the Gun 

    MFA in Creative Nonfiction (2019-01-15)
  • Secret Agent My Father and Me 

    Tazewell, Anne
    This manuscript is an investigative memoir about my father James M Eichelberger, a CIA agent in Cairo and Beirut in the 1950’s and 60s, a Middle East oil consultant, a WWII spy for the French Resistance and a man who died ...
  • Everything Still Strong Within Me 

    Bozmarova, Ellie (2019-01-14)
    Everything Still Strong Within Me is an immigrant memoir about a Bulgarian atheist-turned-Pentecostal preacher, Lyubomir Bozmarov, who fled post-communist Bulgaria for Southern California, written from the perspective of ...
  • Wait, I Will Come with You 

    Bell, Joanna (2018-12)

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