In a community often defined by the formal roles of “teacher” and “student,” it is easy to forget that we are, each of us, both teaching and learning, that we are all standing on some sort of verge. The best writing and research is never “merely academic”, but contains an inflection of humanity; provides a crucial, new vision of a subject; and finds expression in its own discovery. Whether by a student or teacher, the best writing and research expresses formative conversations — with individuals, with the discourse and ideas of a discipline — both at Goucher and in the larger world. Verge was created to provide a platform for such conversations. Faculty- and student-nominated, and faculty- and student-advised, the journal collects the best of both academic, research-based writing and more creative nonfiction work. The journal’s interdisciplinary approach is intended to emphasize the links between different disciplines, as well as the links between the curiosities, inquiries, and achievements of individuals who might not otherwise know about each other’s work. In this way, Verge is not only a celebration of undergraduate writing, but a virtual meeting place for the many exciting explorations in which Goucher students are engaged. Every year Verge receives submissions from a wide range of departments and programs. Students and faculty from many departments helped to review, select, and copyedit articles for publication. Verge has showcased a marvelous variety of papers on a wide variety of topics. We have papers written by first-year students and seniors, papers written by individuals and groups, papers written by students here on campus and across the world, papers written in English, Spanish, and French, lab reports, creative nonfiction, senior theses and frontiers reflections. Verge has even published a computer program. Verge continues to reflect the best writing and research being done across the curriculum.

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