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Goucher's limited-residency graduate programs in Digital Arts foster the combination of artistic creativity with technological savvy. Our multidisciplinary program treats music, animation, design, computer programming, web development, entrepreneurship, new media studies, and other related fields as one larger convergent discipline. Goucher's Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Arts programs are a unique combination of hands-on learning, creative theory, and instruction from an established and experienced national faculty. The MA in Digital Arts is designed to train creative professionals for the technology environment of today.


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    Designed for Empowerment: A Teacher’s Transformation
    (2021-04-27) Steinhauer, Sarah; Eleuterio, Susan; Bernstein, Andrew; Digital Arts
    An art educator finds herself in the throes of a professional crisis, a viral pandemic, and an identity revelation while working through the last stages of earning graduate degrees in Digital Arts and Art and Technology. Her thought processes as a teacher and a designer overlap as she seeks to find creative solutions to address these challenges. She uses a design-thinking approach to develop a virtual community of educators in order to find connection, support, agency, and ultimately a new meaning in the fields of education and design. Using personal narrative paired with excerpts from relevant sources, this is a work of reflection on a journey of rebuilding oneself while building something new.
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    CinematicAmbiX: Cinematic Sound in Virtual Reality
    (2020-11-25) Schwartz, Adam; Bernstein, Andrew; Art and Technology
    CinematicAmbiX is a three-movement piece of virtual reality art that is focused on sound for film. I sought to separate trailer sounds, foley, and ambience from their standard visual accompaniment. I chose virtual reality (VR) as a mode of exhibition for its ability to allow me to replace the two-dimensional plane of the cinema screen with the three-dimensional virtual gallery. VR granted me the use of the ambisonic audio format to create an interactive and immersive sonic environment. I was able to spotlight cinematic sound in a format that encouraged audience interaction while maintaining sound as the focus. This is contrary to what Christoph Cox calls, the “hegemony of the visual” through which sound is often overshadowed in visual media. In this writing, I explain how human hearing connects to a film’s soundtrack by investigating the evolution of cinema audio formats and the technologies that drive them.
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    Digital Technology Art for a Car Advertising Agency
    (2019-11-21) Berko, Kwasi Ofori; Digital Arts
    Kantanka is the first ever automobile manufacturing company in Ghana which assembles and produces made in Ghana vehicles. The company which has been around for many years now, has caught media attention that resulted in investors providing funding in the company. Simultaneously, many Ghanians and neighboring countries have patronized the Kantanka automobile products. Nonetheless, in recent years the company has experienced a decline in international and local sales due to lack of marketing. In a recent article “My Joy News” media house in Ghana, journalist Edwin Appiah states that Ghanaian car company, Kantanka, is to blame for failing to penetrate the local market following efforts by German car maker VW to set up shop in Ghana, claiming that the company has not been proactive in engaging the Ghanaian government in purchasing their cars1. In this project, I designed a computer generated imagery (CGI) car advertising demo to enhance the potential of marketing and sales for Kantanka. Like many Ghanaian advertisements, Kantanka adverts have little to no creative attraction to motivate buyers to purchase their products. My goal will be to use CGI in modeling and animating a demo advert to show the potential of CGI in the Ghanaian advertising market and how it can help local manufacturing agencies create more dynamic scenes which meet international standards like that of Audi, BMW, and Toyota, I will also explain how digital technology and art can impact cost in advertising within the Ghanaian market.
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    My Perception, Your Reality
    (2019-05-16) Monroe, Michelle; Digital Arts
    Mass media is the main contributing factor that influences our perceptions, thus creating our own perceived realities versus reality itself.
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    Free Stock Website
    (2018-12) Keiser, Elizabeth; Crowley, Michael; Berstein, Andrew; Digital Arts
    Chikkenstock.com was created for non-profit organizations and small local businesses. The goal of creating Chikkenstock was to provide a license-free stock website that focuses on assisting small, community-oriented organizations that are functioning with limited resources. The organizations that participated in the launch and trial of this site all had similar missions involving charity, conservation, and the community enrichment of the Lehigh Valley, a region comprised of the Pennsylvania metropolitan areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.