The Department of Visual Arts carries out UMBC’s mission as a dynamic public research university. Our diverse, internationally acclaimed faculty are committed to guiding future artists and design professionals to think independently, work imaginatively, and implement creative solutions to real world problems. By providing an environment of collaborative research and interdisciplinary learning, we enable experimentation across media. Our BA, BFA and MFA curricula equip students to push beyond disciplinary parameters as they move skillfully between technologies, processes, and modes of thinking.


The department seeks to become an international model for art and design programs within a public research university that stresses cross-disciplinary activities. We envision students as agile, flexible thinkers and civically engaged leaders in a rapidly changing world.

Recent Submissions

  • Brian Dannelly 

    Unknown author
    Brian Dannelly is an American film director and screenwriter best known for his work on the 2004 film Saved!
  • Toward a Trans Method, or Reciprocity as a Way of Life 

    Joynt, Chase; Rosskam, Jules (University of California Press, 2021-01-01)
    It is reductive yet accurate to assert that Chase Joynt and Jules Rosskam first met because they are both trans people who make documentary films. While the alignment of these affinities does not necessarily prefigure a ...
  • What is the Shape of Water? 

    The audience enters a pitch black room with thousands of invisible organisms floating above their heads in a skylight aquarium. They’re invited to speak, and if they do their voice drops to a chant-like rumbling sound that ...
  • The Wind is a Medium of the Sky 

    Moren, Lisa
    Richard Carter Higgins (19 3 8 - 1998) coined the term “intermedia” to describe an emerging international and interdisciplinary direction in art in his landmark essay of the same name published in the first issue of his ...
  • intermedia: The Dick Higgins Collections at UMBC 

    Moren, Lisa
    Richard Carter Higgins (1938 - 1998) coined the term “intermedia” to describe an emerging international and interdisciplinary direction in art in his landmark essay of the same name published in the first issue of his ...

    How can we respond to the ever growing, ever multiplying ecological tragedies without sinking into a quagmire of negativity and fear about the present and the future? Lisa Moren performs a brave and important art of inquiry ...
  • Kate Millett, Sculptor: The First 38 Years 

    O'dell, Kathy; Millett, Kate; Berger, Maurice (Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 1997)
    Kate Millett (1934-2017) is widely known as a feminist scholar and activist. Indeed, she became one of the key initiators of the second round of 20th Century feminism when her doctoral dissertation-turned-book, titled ...
  • Who Was Beatrix Potter? by Ellen Handler Spitz 

    Bird, Elizabeth (2015-09-29)
  • Mitzi Is Back : Tell Me a Lore 

    Spitz, Ellen Handler (Lifestyle Theme on Genesis Framework, 2018-03-09)
  • Gleaning Wisdom from 11 Sources 

    Spitz, Ellen Handler (Lifestyle Theme on Genesis Framework, 2019-03-28)
  • A New Consideration of Elena Ferrante’s The Beach at Night 

    Spitz, Ellen Handler (Lifestyle Theme on Genesis Framework, 2018-02-15)
  • A Tree without Roots 

    Nohe, Timothy (2018-05-08)
  • Cyber In Securities 

    Moren, Lisa (2013)
    CYBER IN SECURITIES is an exhibition that addresses the growing concern among a cross-generational group of artists who are deeply enthusiastic about new media, but whose enthusiasm is complicated by the suspicion that ...
  • The Drawing Center Viewing Program: Artist Portfolio, LIia Moren 

    Moren, Lisa (2013-09-23)
    I made watercolor pigments out of various urban waterways that feed into the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the world. I created dozens of paintings, including postcard watercolors and displayed them on a spinning ...
  • Songlines 

    Moren, Lisa
    An intaglio series of harmonograph drawings. Printed with hand-made pigments mined by the artist in the Australian outback
  • eLand 

    Moren, Lisa (2012)
    eLAND is a series of etchings embedded with a code. The viewer sees a reddish QR code that will display a photograph of a scene in the Australian outback where the pigment that the are viewing was once mined by the artist. ...
  • Rembrandt in his Studio: a Cross-Species Installation for the Brids 

    Moren, Lisa
    "This public art project is an installation where birds and humans can share in a visual experience unique to a non-human species. Using the idea that birds see in the ultra-violet spectrum, a low-spectrum violet that ...
  • ⌘Z: Artists Working With Phenomena And Technology 

    Moren, Lisa
    8-9. Ingrid Bachman, The Portable Sublime, 2003; 10. Ingrid Bachman, Symphony for 54 Shoes, 2006; 11-18. Ingrid Bachman, The Portable Sublime, 2003; 19-23. Nina Katchadourian, Talking Popcorn, 2001; 24. Nina Katchadourian, ...
  • Water Chatter VR 

    Moren, Lisa (2018-05-19)

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