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Recent Submissions

  • A JSON-based Self-advising System 

    Vincenti, Giovanni; Bennett, Vanessa (Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 2017-01)
    The process of planning a student's academic career is an essential component to ensuring an expedited completion of a college degree. Consequently the academic advising process plays a significant role in a student's ...
  • "Free to Say No": Evoking Freedom Increased Compliance in Two Field Experiments 

    Thornton, Charles; Singh, Santokh; Kelly, Jennifer; Young, Taylor; Farley, Sally (2017-03)
    This research tested the effectiveness of the evoking freedom technique in two field experiments. Participants were asked to either complete a survey (Experiment 1) or to allow a stranger to borrow their mobile phone to ...
  • Pieces of Jonestown 

    Oldenburg, Aaron (Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple, 2010-10)
  • The Mischief of Created Things 

    Oldenburg, Aaron (Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus, 2009-04)
    The purpose of this project is to create new images of West Africa, through an interactive environmental narrative informed by philosophies of game design. The content draws on my two years as a development worker in Mali. ...
  • Job perceptions of contingent and traditional faculty. 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather (Academic Exchange Quarterly, 2007)
    The use of contingent workers has increased in recent years, particularly within the field of higher education. In addition to the use of adjuncts to meet fluctuating demands, many universities have increased the number ...
  • Diversity across the curriculum: Perceptions and practices 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Antwi-Boasiako, Kwame (Journal of Public Affairs Education, 2008)
    One step toward generating social equity in public policy and administration is to expose future leaders within the field to a variety of discourses from historically marginalized groups. The new Diversity Across the ...
  • A critical analysis of emergency management 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Abel, Charles F. (Administrative Theory & Praxis, 2007)
    This article examines the underlying assumptions, imagery, and ideology of the discourse on emergency management that emerged among politicians, the media, and political appointees following Hurricane Katrina. The purpose ...
  • Innovations and strategies for teaching online 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Dunning, Pamela (Academic Exchange Quarterly, 2009)
    The development and delivery of online courses has become more sophisticated as course management systems have improved and the information available on the internet has proliferated. Faculty involvement and administrative ...
  • Ethics training in law enforcement agencies 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Franks, George (Public Integrity, 2009)
    Professional organizations in the law enforcement community have brought attention to the importance of ethics training. Many police chiefs believe that it reinforces the mission of the organization, adherence to policy ...
  • Blue-collar mother/White-collar daughter: A perspective on U.S.policies toward working mothers 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather (Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, 2009)
    U.S. policies designed to provide access and equality for women in the workforce through the lens of a blue-collar mother and white-collar daughter is presented. The Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title vii of the Civil Rights ...
  • The Enduring Myth of the American Dream: Mobility, Marginalization, and Hope. 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather
    The American Dream functions as a myth within our political discourse by providing hope to citizens and reinforcing beliefs in the protestant work ethic and meritocracy. This article examines the myth through categories ...
  • Social Class and Socioeconomic Status: Relevance and Inclusion in MPA/MPP Programs 

    Wyatt-Nicol, Heather; Brown, Samuel; Haynes, Warren (Journal of Public Affairs Education, 2011)
    Social equity has been challenged in recent years through increasing income inequality. The widening gap between the rich and the poor contributes to economic segregation among regions and neighborhoods and has a direct ...
  • A View from the 50th Street Gate on Washington Avenue: Reflections of a Working Class Academic. 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather (Journal of Public Affairs Education, 2012)
    This manuscript offers a firsthand account of obstacles I experienced as a working-class, first-generation college student and how my origins still affect my thoughts and actions as a professor of Public Administration. ...
  • Diversity Management: Development, Practices, and Perceptions among State and Local Government Agencies 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Antwi-Boasiako, Kwame (Public Personnel Management, 2012)
    As diversity increases among citizens and employees, human resource practitioners in the public sector have come to view diversity management strategies as essential for the effective performance of organizations. An ...
  • The Policy Landscape of Sexual Orientation 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Naylor, Lorenda (Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, 19(1), 5-18., 2013)
    This paper examines the intersection of public administration and sexual orientation through a policy process framework that combines the stages model of policymaking and elements of the policy streams metaphor. Within ...
  • Sexual Orientation and Mental Health: Incremental Progression or Radical Change? 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather (Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 2014)
    This manuscript provides a critical historic analysis of the status of sexual orientation nondiscrimination within the context of the mental health profession. The declassification and reclassification of homosexuality ...
  • Liberty and Equality: In Defense of Same Sex Marriage 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Naylor, Lorenda (Public Integrity, 2015)
    Marriage equality has gained international attention in public discourse. Laws that prohibit same-sex marriage may be categorized as both paternalistic and moralistic. This article addresses ethical and legal considerations ...
  • Inequality: Underrepresentation of African American Males in U.S. Higher Education 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Brown, Samuel; Naylor, Lorenda (Journal of Public Affairs Education, 2015)
    Although the percentage of Blacks earning college degrees has nearly doubled over the past 20 years, Blacks earn only 10% of college degrees, 12% of graduate degrees, and 7% of doctoral degrees (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). ...
  • The Ugly Side of America: Institutional Oppression and Race 

    Wyatt-Nichol, Heather; Seabrook, Renita (Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, 23(1), 20-46., 2016)
    This manuscript examines structural racism through a socio-historical context of institutional oppression and its effects on modern society. The epistemological framework of intersectionality is used to focus on the overlap ...
  • Global Umbrella Brands: Understanding Brand America and Its Competitors 

    Wood, Van; Pitta, Dennis; Franzak, Frank (2009)
    Globally, individual companies offer their products and services competing against other individual companies. In fact, these firms compete as part of a larger network; a value chain or value network. However, more fundamental ...

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