CUERE’s mission is to advance the understanding of the environmental, social and economic consequences of the transformation of the urban landscape through research, conferences and symposia, support of university teaching programs and assistance to K-12 education. CUERE fosters interdisciplinary approaches to environmental science, engineering and public policy.

Recent Submissions

  • Visualizing Early Baltimore 

    Bailey, Dan; Kummerow, Burt (2016)
    September 13, 2014, marks the 200th anniversary of the major British attack on Baltimore. What was so important about Baltimore two hundred years ago? Over a few decades in the early nineteenth century, Baltimore's population ...
  • Impacts of Development Pattern on Urban Groundwater Flow Regime 

    Barnes, Michael L..; Welty, Claire; Miller, Andrew J. (American Geophysical Unioon, 2018)
    We compare the effects of urban development type and spatial pattern on the hydrology of six small headwater catchments near Baltimore, Maryland utilizing a three-dimensional coupled groundwater-surface water-land atmosphere ...
  • Metacommunity theory meets restoration: isolation may mediate how ecological communities respond to stream restoration 

    Swan, Christopher; Brown, Bryan (Ecological Society of America, 2017)
    An often-cited benefit of river restoration is an increase in biodiversity or shift in composition to more desirable taxa. Yet, hard manipulations of habitat structure often fail to elicit a significant response in terms ...