Quantum work statistics of linear and nonlinear parametric oscillators

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Sebastian Deffner, Obinna Abah and Eric Lutz, Quantum work statistics of linear and nonlinear parametric oscillators, Chemical Physics Volume 375, Issues 2–3, Pages 200-208 (2010), https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemphys.2010.04.042


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We consider the nonequilibrium work distribution of a quantum oscillator with modulated angular frequency. We examine the discrete-to-continuous transition of the distribution as the temperature and the degree of nonadiabaticity of the frequency transformation are increased. We further develop a perturbative approach to analyze the effect of weak quartic anharmonicities, as well as of a random electric field on a charged oscillator. We find in both cases that the degree of nonadiabaticity is enhanced by the perturbation.