Ten Things to do Outdoors in DC

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Dasgupta, Sunil. "Ten Things to do Outdoors in DC." Interview with Christy Brock. I Hate Politics Podcasts. 23 June 2023. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7JyUBFSgXBaNkS44EuGxa5.


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Summertime. Christy Brock of DC-based outdoor education nonprofit, Urban Adventure Squad, offers a list of her favorite outdoor things to do. This is not your typical DC list. News from Delaware, where the state allows artificial persons (LLCs, trusts) to vote in local elections and is now considering new law for the city of Seaford to do so. Music from the band Finster. Their 2023 album, Crosswinds, now on vinyl: https://t.ly/-bAF. Brock’s list: https://t.ly/UKkx. Seaford artificial persons voting bill: https://t.ly/cRCN.