Technology and Education: an Ever-Growing Intersection

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Vincenti, G., & Braman, J. (2012). Technology and Education: an Ever-Growing Intersection. The Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, 1-2.



Taking with it many facets of everyday interaction, including that of teaching and learning. As the educational forefront is continually advancing through the introduction of new ideas, technologies and media, it is important to report all of these changes in order to stay abreast of its impacts. It is with great pleasure that we introduce our second issue of the ICST Transactions on e-Education and e-Learning. It has always been our belief that it is important for educators to experiment with new instructional tools and pedagogical approaches in order to find innovative ways to enhance teaching and learning. It is through the expertise of many educational pioneers that we are able to gain invaluable insight into new methods of teaching. Education should change and adapt as both society and technology evolve.