Religiosity and spirituality according to the laity

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Towson University. Department of Psychology


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Research has assessed various definitions of religiosity and spirituality. The present study reviewed past research on these constructs to allow for more accurate definitions. This research suggested that there were three groups, each with a unique role in defining these constructs. In addition, past research revealed three dichotomies within the research literature. These dichotomies concern these constructs as unitary or distinct, the role of God and Higher Powers, and the issue of states and traits. Participants completed a series of qualitative and quantitative questions to assess these constructs as well as these three dichotomies. The present study revealed over 4000 idea units. In addition, the majority of laity viewed these constructs as distinct. Higher Power was viewed as essential to both Religiosity and Spirituality. Religiosity and Spirituality were both viewed as states. The implications of 3GH were discussed.