Accepting Educational Responsibility Through Technologies in Afrikan Cultures





Citation of Original Publication

Asino, T.I., Patricia A. Young & Wanjira Kinuthia. (9 April 2021). Accepting Educational Responsibility through technologies in Afrikan Cultures. Paper presented at the 2021 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Retrieved 14 June 2023, from the AERA Online Paper Repository.


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Afrikan countries and cultures create solutions for the needs and conditions of their people, yet their contributions to technological innovations continue to be overlooked. In this paper, we argue that app developers on the Afrikan continent have been accepting educational responsibility through the creation of mobile applications that specifically meet the needs of the people. From a qualitative research perspective, we conduct a systematic review and cultural studies analyses to explore Afrikan innovations to mobile applications. The findings reveal that mobile developers are 1) building apps that are specific to the Afrikan context and 2) making use of existing apps and appropriating them to the Afrikan context.