A 100-Gb/s noncoherent silicon receiver for PDM-DBPSK/DQPSK signals





Citation of Original Publication

Jonathan Klamkin, Fabrizio Gambini, Stefano Faralli, Antonio Malacarne, Gianluca Meloni, Gianluca Berrettini, Giampiero Contestabile, and Luca Potì, "A 100-Gb/s noncoherent silicon receiver for PDM-DBPSK/DQPSK signals," Opt. Express 22, 2150-2158 (2014)


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An integrated noncoherent silicon receiver for demodulation of 100-Gb/s polarization-division multiplexed differential quadrature phaseshift keying and polarization-division multiplexed differential binary phaseshift keying signals is demonstrated. The receiver consists of a 2D surface grating coupler, four Mach-Zehnder delay interferometers and four germanium balanced photodetectors.