Caregiver satisfaction with hospice care


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The purpose of this study was to evaluate caregiver satisfaction with hospice care in one Medicare-Certified, nonprofit hospice agency. This study evaluated the effectiveness of hospice services and the needs of caregivers in order to try to improve existing services provided by the agency. The study population consisted of a convenience sample of 46 Coastal Hospice caregivers. A descriptive research design was used for this study. A modified version of the Home Caregiver Needs Survey (HCNS) was used to obtain caregiver satisfaction with hospice services. In addition, demographic information was obtained from the Coastal Hospice discharge summaries. Mean values were computed to analyze caregiver satisfaction. This study found that caregivers are overwhelmingly satisfied with hospice services. The caregivers identified many needs as being important to them. Caregivers were more interested in informational needs, household needs, and personal needs than in psychological and spiritual needs. Hospices need to continue to do research and to evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided in order to better serve patients and their families. This information is also becoming more valuable to hospices in order to validate themselves to third party payors.