Proyectando las luces y sombras de la industria audiovisual peninsular posCIMA: diálogos con mujeres cineastas emergentes

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Garcia-Puente, Maria, and Erin K. Hogan. 2022. «Projecting The Lights And Shadows Of The Post-CIMA Peninsular Audiovisual Industry: Dialogues With Emerging Women Filmmakers». Atlantic. International Journal of Feminist Studies 7 (1):131-59.


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The current article consists of a critical self-reflection of our contributions to the digital humanities project, The Gynocine Project. The point of departure and axis of our analysis is a corpus of six interviews we conducted with emerging women filmmakers of the post-CIMA period alongside related readings and recent studies of this subject. In this examination, coinciding with fifteen years of CIMA’s advocacy for gender equality in the Spanish audiovisual industry, we illuminate current conditions, identifying lights and shadows with respect to women’s access to and representation in audiovisual creation, in addition to offering projections for the future.