Encouraging Election Participation of Nigerian Citizens with the Adoption of Online Voter Registration

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University of Baltimore. School of Information Arts and Technologies


Master of Science in Interaction Design and Information Architecture

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This study explores the landscape of election processes in Nigeria and the emotional viability of incorporating online voter registration to the current system. I provide background information on Nigeria’s current voter registration system and the historical use of information and communication technology (ICT) in Nigeria’s election processes. To guide the design and understand the benefits of an online voter registration tool, I explore how similar tools are used in other nations, the value added to their democracy, security concerns, and lessons learned from their usage studies. I obtain primary data from Nigerian citizens and residents, pulling from their experiences and insights on the issues they face with registration today in order to identify opportunities to improve the system. I also explore user feelings about online voter registration. I conclude by recommending actions to address immediate registration concerns and discuss future opportunities for research.