VERITAS follow-up observation of the BL Lac blazar B2 1811+31 2020 Flare





Citation of Original Publication

Drake, Pablo, and Colin Adams. “VERITAS Follow-up Observation of the BL Lac Blazar B2 1811+31 2020 Flare.” In Proceedings of 38th International Cosmic Ray Conference — PoS(ICRC2023), 444:701. SISSA Medialab, 2023.


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VERITAS is an imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope (IACT) array most sensitive to gamma rays in the very-high-energy (VHE) energy band (85 GeV - 50 TeV). As a part of its active galactic nuclei (AGN) program, VERITAS focuses on the identification and follow-up of AGN flares reported by other multiwavelength observatories. Between October 15th and October 19th, 2020, VERITAS followed up on the Fermi-LAT and MAGIC detections of a flare of the intermediate-frequency-peaked BL Lacertae (IBL) object, B2 1811+31, located at a redshift of z=0.117. In this work, we present preliminary scientific results from the analysis of B2 1811+31’s 2020 flare, including the corresponding Fermi-LAT light curve and VERITAS detection analysis.