Caddy Grips

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University of Baltimore. School of Information Arts and Technologies


University of Baltimore. Master of Science in Interaction Design and Information Architecture

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With the rise and fall of Tiger Woods, the sport of golf has been in a critical juncture where it needs to find innovate ways to not only maintain interest but increase participation in the game. This paper is a brief examination of the history of golf and an exploration into the issues faced by the sport. A solution to these problems is presented as a suggestion to expand on the current state and features of distance measuring devices. After recapping what distance measuring devices are capable of and adding in other existing technologies, the conceptualization process is reviewed. Undergoing a least resistance design process for a new form of distance measuring device, a two-part solution is fabricated. Each step of the design process is covered from the user research, development of prototypes, and testing, up until the feedback-driven revisions are made. The paper concludes with final thoughts and potential next steps to take the idea from design into development.